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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Why Do We Have a Homeschool Room?

A couple of days ago I gave you a peek at our schoolroom. I conceded there that a schoolroom for homeschool isn't ideal for everyone. Now I want to give you more details about why we sacrifice a bedroom for our homeschool area.

*When we go into our school area the kids know it's time for business. We keep toys out of the room and area. There are as few distractions as possible to help them focus on the work we are doing.

*All of our supplies are at our fingertips and as a result we very rarely lose any important pieces. Each child has their own desk and own bins. We keep everything in the room most of the time (hey all homeschoolers do car school sometimes!) so things don't wander away. A bonus to this is we aren't wasting time searching for a pencil....or a book.....or a worksheet.

*Keeping all of those items in one place means I don't have it strewn out all over my house. I don't deal well with mess (that doesn't belong) in the living room, kitchen, etc.

*My kids have messy handwriting. Really. I can't imagine how much worse it would be if they were attempting to write while sitting on the couch or lounging in a bean bag chair. Sitting straight at their desks gives them the best posture for writing....and I might even be able to read it!

*Our job as parents is to raise our kids to become productive adults. In the real world jobs have offices or specific work areas. Even if my kids grow up and choose jobs that don't have a desk, they will be expected to show up somewhere every day. I work from home and I still have to show up to my computer on a regular basis! So I feel like this is a natural part of teaching them about real life.

*I want them to learn to be organized. See my last point. In life we need to balance our checkbook, return library books, keep our house tidy to our own standards, etc. I want them to learn some of those life skills now and by giving them a desk and bins I am slowly (oh so painfully slowly) teaching them about keeping things in proper places.

*And last but not least...many homeschoolers embrace life learning. So do we! We do a specific amount of school on specific days and we do it in a schoolroom but I can promise you my kids are learning all day all the time. They are constantly questioning, researching (mostly in books), and exploring. Just because I love the idea of "life learning" doesn't mean I have to throw "traditional learning" (sitting at a desk reading a book and answering questions) out the window. We can totally do both and we do.

If lounging on the sofa does it for your family that's great!  However don't be afraid to embrace a desk and a schoolroom or school area. It has its benefits as well.

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  1. I wish we could have a school room. It was my intent with this move, but alas. I will say, however, that it would be more difficult in the place where I wanted the room to be because of smallest one's naps. We do use desks though. They fold up, so they can be put away every day. Pseudo-school room. Hopefully one day we'll have an actual school room.


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