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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Another Tool for Getting Ready for the Riot

If you read my post here you will learn a little more about my journey to get ready for the riot. It's been a slow and painful transition already but I know the level of health I am gaining is all worth it.

My next tool I have to review for you (the I received for free in exchange for an honest review) is the Ozeri 4x3 Motion Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer with Tri-Axis Technology. Now that's a big ol' name for a small, multi-function pedometer.

It comes with clear instructions, a strap, and a small screwdriver for changing the battery (battery is included). This digital pedometer:

*tracks steps
*tracks distance
*keeps time/ date records
*and even tracks your speed

It is easy to use. I think the only hard thing was measuring my stride. That wasn't even hard it just took time to figure out the best way to do it. I finally got a tape measure and took 10 steps down my hall then measured then did it several more times. Once you have your stride (divide your distance of 10 steps by 10) then you will enter it, your weight, the date, and time into the pedometer. Once that's all set you are ready to go. Slide it into your pocket and take off. 

I find it is great for ensuring I take plenty of steps each day. I sit to homeschool my kids, I sit to work from home, I sit to blog, I sit to drive, you get the idea. I also love that it does distance. I'm not a big fan of putting everything on my phone and I like to keep the GPS turned off so I can't use an app for measuring the distance of my walks.

The pedometer is very slim and won't get in your way. The strap is convenient. You can use it to wear it around your neck but I find it works just fine in my pocket. It will store your records for 7 days at a time. You can also set it to miles or km. 

All in all this is a great little tool whether you are just starting a daily walk or if you are in intense training for an obstacle course. 

I received a free product from Ozeri in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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