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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pinterest for Homeschool

Pinterest can be scary. I remember trying it the first time myself and feeling like it was an odd waste of time. Back then (you know 2 years ago) there wasn't much content on Pinterest and I found myself doing weird searches just to find things to Pin. Fast forward to today and Pinterest has EVERYTHING! 

There are so many fun ways to use Pinterest:

*Scroll through things pinned by friends and those you follow in the recent feed
*search pins by category or popularity or even by searching a word in Pinterest
*Pin items as you come across them online (those little Pin It buttons are the best)
*Look at specific boards for ideas on cooking, Vacation Bible School, Health & Beauty, books, and so, so much more

As Pinterest grows (I heard just the weekend that Pinterest is becoming a man's tool as well for things like hoarding....err....I mean survivalist tips and weapons info) it's time we got more comfortable with Pinterest and made it really work for us. I will focus on using it for homeschooling but trust me it can be used for almost any subject.

  1. Use those boards to your advantage. All this time I've had a "Homeschool Helpers" board and it has been a great place to pin curriculum, tips, projects, and more. The thing is one big board like that can be difficult to navigate. It's actually much better to use smaller categories. Think about Pinterest as your file cabinet....all your homeschool paper wouldn't fit in one folder. You need more than one. I'm slowly working on this and now I have a "Homeschool Science" board and a "Mystery of History Vol 1" board. Don't worry about going back and sorting out your one big board (if you have one). Just start smaller boards and add to them as you can. You can always sort when you have a few minutes to spare.
  2. Follow people with great boards. Repin away. When you find a board with several items you enjoy it's a good idea to follow the whole board. That way new pins to that board will pop up in your feed when you get on Pinterest. I found this especially helpful when I was doing VBS planning. I followed many boards on the theme we were using so I was constantly seeing new ideas from other VBS leader's boards. It works the same way with homeschool. Especially specialized subjects or curriculum. I've followed Mystery of History boards so I have access to their ideas and can choose what to pin to my own MOH board.
  3. Search. Search. Search. Today I looked at a worksheet in my child's science and wasn't pleased with it. I didn't even want to make the copy of it because I knew there had to be something better out there. So I hopped on Pinterest, typed in my subject, and boom I had 20 choices of worksheets. I selected one (oh so much better than the original one) and printed it right off. What an advantage to my kids (and to me!) that I can pull something I need so easily. 
  4. Projects. Maybe you are uncrafty like me. Maybe glitter makes your skin crawl. Maybe you can't even draw reasonable stick people. If so, Pinterest is the place for you. All the super crafty, imaginative moms live in there and they can teach you to make a diagram of the heart and ventricles with a pipe cleaner. They can also tell you all the right shows and movies (many on Netflix or Amazon Prime) for the days when you just can't handle a project.
  5. Books. Books on every subject. Book reviews. Book information. Books for everything, in every grade, forever. Books. Whether a book is age appropriate, whether a book is boring, whether a book is amazing and goes with everything you need! Yay books. Pin them. Pin some for yourself too. Reading is a pastime that keeps the ol' brain exercising.
  6. When you just need a few minutes of pin scrolling, check out the categories. Next to the search bar is a 3 line button to click. Education is a great place to start. Kids is another good one. When you get tired of those jump on over to the humor...if you can ignore the tacky, rude ones you are sure to find something to make you laugh. 
  7. Secret boards- these are a little used feature that can be very useful. You can pin Christmas lists or anything else that you don't want to be public knowledge. You can also add friends to those (as well as any other boards) so you can collaborate together. 
So while you are still fresh and happy and in the mood to plan all things homeschool hop on over to Pinterest for some fun ideas. Just don't OD on the glitter..........

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