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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Put Your Name On It

I received a free promotional credit from All opinions are my own.

Have you ever visited a website and wanted everything on it? That doesn't happen to me very often. I'm not really a minimalist but I am not one to want an abundance of items either. However offers such a wide variety of USEFUL decals that I was instantly hooked. As you can tell from their name their biggest selection of decals are for kids so let's start there.

First of all their website is very neatly organized. You can search their products in a variety of ways- gender, popularity, types, styles, etc. Their labels for kids come in such a huge selection- sports, monograms, chevron, popular graphics, and more. There are also a selection of shapes like round, rectangle, etc. You are certain to find a style of decal that fits your child. Speaking of decal let me tell you a little more about them. They are:

*dishwasher safe
*washer and dryer safe

That means you can use them on sports equipment, school supplies, dishes, your car window (my hubby's idea), and even on clothing! If you have kids you know you can spend an exorbitant amount of time just labeling everything. Because our family spends so much time at the sports fields I went with a sports theme decal for them. They actually both use the #9 most of the time so I had our last name with the #9 put on little baseballs. Apple actually plays softball but she knows it can be hard to find softballs. So I got the mega set which comes with 24 decals. You can custom design your decal with name, number, address, allergies, and more (depending on the type of decal).

Speaking of kids, my sweet friend has a baby and recently had a couple of times when his nap was disturbed by the doorbell. I shared with her that I had a "Please Knock" sign taped over our doorbell for years. I was going to make her a sign but then I discovered Kidecal sells doorbell decals! They also come in a variety. I really wanted to get her one that said "Wake my baby and I will cut you" which reminded me of another dear friend (ahem...Betty) but I selected a kinder one instead.

So while it won't make me laugh when I go to visit maybe it will ensure sweet baby boy (and his brother) will nap. 

On top of these lovely selections I really want (but have not yet gotten) a set of the Chalkboard Labels. We do potluck at our church several times a year and I would love these labels for that purpose. I could write the name of a dish (sometimes very important) and my own name on my dishes! At $10 for 12 labels I could put one on each of my favorite dishes and then all I need is a piece of chalk to label them before I head to potluck. How awesome is that? 

Wall decals, canning decals, Christmas decals, keyboard the list of fun things at just goes on and on. To recap a bit I like the labels I ordered because they are thick, waterproof, and so very versatile. The kids love them because they have our last name and their # on them. My friend now loves them because I gave her a cool doorbell sticker. I already see some great Christmas gift ideas on their site and if anyone is looking for an idea for me.....just saying! 

We're going to put one on Speedy's loft bed, on all the bats, on the soccer balls, on the cleats, one the slides, on the helmets, and more!

See some more ways Kidecals can be used:

{Oh and for you deal seekers- shipping is always free!}

I received a promotional credit to Kidecal. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.

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