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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Benefits of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime- do you love it or hate it? Maybe you've never even tried it! With some changes in the pricing and with taxes being added in I decided it was time to evaluate Amazon Prime.

**A 1 year membership is now $99. That works out to $8.25/ month. Still a little cheaper than Netflix (especially since Netflix also has had a price increase although I'm not affected yet.

**If you are a blogger, a Prime membership is really a must. Many companies sending products for review now require a Prime account to approve you. Otherwise you may be liable to pay your own shipping and handling on a review product. At an around $5.99 per product for shipping that quickly adds up to equal or more than the $8.25/ month average. It also ensures that you receive these review products in a timely manner. I work with companies through regularly and it is the norm for them to now require a Prime account. Thus an Amazon Prime membership becomes a necessity for the business of blogging. I also buy many of my business supplies through Amazon as the prices are so much cheaper than anywhere else.

**On a personal level those shipping fees are the same and even if you only shop online once a month you've quickly added up a large s/h bill. I know at Christmas especially it is great to have free shipping for Christmas purchases. Now that my kids are older I can't buy "surprise" gifts if they are anywhere around but if I order online then they are certain not to see them.

**Amazon Instant Video offers many options for streaming television and movies. While some of the offerings overlap with Netflix we often find a variety of choices available on Prime that we can't watch for free anywhere else. Even Redbox fees add up quickly if you rent a couple of movies a week and let's face it with 2 kids I'm checking out at least 2 movies at a time. 3 if Hubby and I want to watch something that isn't animated.

**Kindle Lending Library offers 1 free book rental per month. Now I wish they would upgrade the system so it was easier to find select a book but with 2 Kindles in our house we do try to regularly take advantage of this offer. Apple is a speed reader and it's great for her to check out a free one a month that may not be available through our library's online checkout system.

**A new feature is Amazon Prime music. This is an unlimited music player offering many songs for instant listening. I haven't had a whole lot of time to try this feature but it is a nifty app on my new smartphone and the time I've spent listening I have enjoyed. A little old rock on your favorite list? You'll find plenty to listen to on Prime music.

As you can see I find that Amazon Prime is worth the $99 per year. Are you a Prime subscriber? If not keep your eyes peeled because Amazon often offers free 30 day trials to Prime. They are a great way to check out the program and see if you would use it on a regular basis.

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