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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Who Doesn't Love a Good Quiz?

I received a free book from BookLook for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

We ladies love a good quiz don't we? From quizzes in our favorite magazine to the newer quizzes on Facebook to tell you which Golden Girl you are or what color you are, we all like to take quizzes for a deeper understanding of ourselves. A little self-exploration if you will. Apple (at only 9) is quickly starting to feel the fun in taking a little self quiz and the extra thrill in doing one with a friend.

We already know faiThGirLz! books rock and the Big Book of Quizzes is no exception. This is the perfect book of fun quizzes for your tween. Apple did a whole bunch of them the minute she got the book. I glanced through them and was glad to see she' fairly self aware- musical, messy, dramatic, creative, and clever are a few adjectives she picked for describing herself and they are right on.  There are quizzes like "Are You a Good Friend?" and "Has Gossip Got You Gripped?" 

These are great ways for your tween to pass some time and learn a little more about herself and her friends. There are also a couple of quizzes about boys and dating. Ahh. I wish they weren't even in there. At 9 (or 10 or 13), I'd rather her focus not be on boys or dating or romance but I certainly know well enough that many girls her age are just entrenched in that talk. There was a One Direction concert a few hours away this week. SO SO SO many of Apple's friends and their moms were all over Facebook with pictures and updates about the concert. Apple doesn't listen to much modern music. None of us do on a regular basis (except I do at Zumba). It isn't that all modern music is "bad" but a lot of it has questionable content especially all the focus on romance and relationships. I just feel like she's too young to be focused on that and boy band crushes. Hey I was all about some NKOTB at her age but it just isn't a necessary part of being a tween. So we refrain. And while we've had some discussions about flirting and crushes for the most part she & I agree that there's plenty of time for all that later.

So all in all a great, entertaining little book of quizzes that she can't wait to share with her friends. Now is a perfect time to think ahead to the holidays. What tween girl on your list would love the Big Book of Quizzes?

This book will release August 26, 2014.

I received a free book from BookLook for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 

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