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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Does Still Mitford Take Care of its Own?

A short time ago I won a copy of Jan Karon's newest book Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good from Heavenly Savings & Homemaking. This is book #10 in the Mitford series. I've actually never read a Mitford book or even a Jan Karon novel until this one. I love the title- who doesn't want to be somewhere safe with somebody good? My first impression of the book is that it is a big one! It certainly kept me busy reading for many nights in a row.

So the little town of Mitford has the usual small town variety of people. We recently moved to a small town and it has certainly been an adjustment for me. Hubby grew up in a small town and has seamlessly reacclimated to the lifestyle. Everyone here knows everyone and Mitford mirrors that. The main character is Father Tim Kavanagh. After 5 years of retirement, Father Tim is still trying to adjust to his slower lifestyle. He takes jogs, he looks for ways to help his family and neighbors, and he spends a lot of time counseling others and praying for them. In fact he's probably closer to his townspeople now than he was behind the pulpit.

In this book, Father Tim and his wife Cynthia are working on a Children's Hospital fundraiser, they are trying to find the best way to help some young men they've "adopted" into their family, and they are tending to various neighbors with needs. Father Tim wants more from his retired life but when he has a chance to return to the pulpit he ultimately decides to turn it down. When he commits to helping a local business while the owner is on bedrest, he finds his niche. The townspeople love Father Tim and he loves them. Karon does a lovely job of describing each character, each setting, and even the Orange Marmalade Cake in great detail!

This book (and I imagine the other Mitford books) is like taking a slow meandering walk. The story is interesting and keeps you moving on to the next stop but there's no need to rush. I enjoyed this long walk so much that I can't wait to read the other books in the Mitford series! Jan Karon has a very interesting style of writing and I'm so glad I won this giveaway and discovered her work. So go to Mitford as they get ready for the holidays.

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