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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy

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If you have kids that are fans of the Avengers then you may be interested in my review of Guardians of the Galaxy. It is rate PG-13 just like the Avengers movie. We own Avengers and both of our kids have watched it several times. We were impressed with it when it came out because there isn't a romantic story line in it and no big language issues. Our son has already asked to watch Guardians of the Galaxy but Hubby & I decided to go and watch it ourselves before letting either of the kids see it. I'm glad we did.

We really enjoyed the movie. It has a lot of funny parts in it. However it is not a family friendly/ young kid friendly movie. There were several language issues in the movie and a scene with a character giving someone the middle finger. There is also a romantic story line in the movie and while it is kept fairly light along with the other issues this is definitely a movie for the 13 and up crowd.

However I think most adults would enjoy it as much as we did. There's lots of action and lots of laughs. The characters are well developed and aren't your typical superheroes (I mean how many movies have a talking tree as a hero?!?!). We don't see movies in the theater very often due to the outrageous cost but I'd say this one was worthy of a theater trip.

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