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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Practical Money Savings Tips

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Who doesn't want to save money? There are so many ways to spend money and sometimes it seems like there are very few ways to save money. I am always looking for ways to save so please share your favorite tips in the comments! Here are a few ways we try to save now:

     +Drop the cable. We pay for Netflix streaming and an Amazon Prime account. We also have an            antennae for picking up a couple of local channels. We save at least $40 a month by not having          cable. Realistically most people aren't home enough to justify the cost of cable.

      +Buy used. We've only ever purchased used vehicles (the value of a new vehicle drops                           immediately & leases are always a more expensive route). Shop consignment sales, Goodwill,             yard sales, thrift sales, etc for gently used clothing, shoes, sporting goods, household items, etc.          So many times you can find items for 50% or more off.

      +Use coupons. Now you know coupons have taken a hit in the last 5 years and values just aren't           as high. Some stores no longer double coupons. However, don't totally write them off. I still use         some coupons for groceries and household items and we often use coupons when dining out. It's         also a good idea to sign up for emails for your favorite online shopping spots. Many times you             can get free shipping and/ or a percentage off. The goal is to never pay full price. At the very               least look for items that are on sale or purchase generics. 

      +Go to the library. The library is free and you can find books, movies, and audio books. Our local         library even has cake pans available to check out. Why pay to rent a movie if you can borrow it           for free? Or why pay $15 for a book you (or your child) will only read once if you can borrow it         for 2 weeks and return it with no cost to you. If you are worried about fines many libraries host a         week a year (or more) when you can bring in canned goods to wipe away your total. Of course            the fines would likely still be less than the rental or purchase price. 

      +Trade with friends. Take turns watching kids for free babysitting or do a freezer meal exchange. 
         Take turns hosting a game night or potluck to lower costs on an evening of fun. Trade small                kitchen appliances instead of always purchasing a new one (this one is solely for me- My name          is Edie and I'm a kitchen appliance hoarder). 

      +Make it homemade. Try your hand at making laundry detergent or soap. Make dining out a treat         and plan to do it less often. Try making new meals at home instead of grabbing a bite out. 

      +Check out deal sites like Groupon for local dining and entertainment discounts. Use Ebates for           cash back on your purchases. Check out Educents for education deals.

These are my tried and true money saving methods, what are yours?

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