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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Southern Tale

The very first items I ever started reviewing were books. I love to read and getting my hands on free books is a huge plus to blogging! Sometimes I even receive free books aside from my regular book review programs or in addition to them. Sweet Olive was sent to me for free and I enjoyed it so I wanted to share a little about it with you.


Before receiving this book I had not read anything by Judy Christie. Sweet Olive is part of the Trumpet and Vine series. It was published in 2013 and recently Christie released a second book in the series named Magnolia Market. Set in Samford, Sweet Olive is the story of Camille Gardner. Camille lived in Samford for a short period when she was younger and she really has no desire to return to the small town. Her job in her uncle's gas and oil company requires her to spend some time in Samford and specifically in the nearby small artist community of Sweet Olive. While Camille isn't happy to be in the area the townsfolk aren't too pleased with her arrival either.

Her uncle Scott owns J & S (the gas and oil company) and has sent her to finalize some land deals. The land owners are less than willing to sell their mineral rights. The Sweet Olive artists live a different type of life. While the money is huge, the artists would rather retain the simplicity of their community. While Camille is looking to sign the agreements and move on to a desk job in Houston, the artists don't get in a hurry to do anything. Their attorney Marsh is not willing to let Camille rush in and lure the land owners with big money and false promises. If only Marsh wasn't so handsome.....

While Camille finds herself drawn to the local artists (and she must admit drawn to Marsh) she is struggling with her "assistant" and some pushy big wigs in the town. As if all of this weren't enough, Camille must also confront her past and the memories she has of Samford. Can she make the deals? Will Uncle Scott yank away her future desk job?

This book definitely belongs in the Gentle Read category. The story is intriguing and I found myself alternately pulling for Camille and for the artists. I really couldn't figure out how it would all end until...well... the end. The characters were interesting and played well off of one another. If you enjoy an easy fiction then I think you will like Sweet Olive as well. Plus there was mention of an "Edie" in the book! That doesn't happen very often. :)

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