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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Doggy Treats #Stackerz

I received this product free from Influenster. All opinions are my own.

Our doggy is a big girl. She's an Italian Mastiff and she's HUGE. We've moved to this small town and most people here find out where we live and say, "Oh you're the one with the GIANT dog." Yep that's us.

See how well trained she is though?
She's a good girl and she's not a puppy by any means. We love to give her treats but we try to manage her weight to a degree. So since she's a big 'un we need bigger treats for her. If they are too small then we have to give her TONS of them. That isn't good for her weight or for our wallet. If they are too big she swallows them quickly and that's even harder on our wallet.

Pedigree has a new snack called Stackerz. They are made with real meat and they are a good medium sized snack. The bag we tried was Filet Mignon & Bacon Flavor. As soon as doggy saw the treat she was sitting at attention! 

I really expected there to be a very strong, pungent odor when I opened the bag. They definitely have a pet food smell but it isn't horribly overwhelming.

You can see there are many Stackerz in the bag. That makes us happy because she gets at least a treat a day. We need a bag that will last us more than a couple of days at a time. She actually catches the Stackerz in her mouth, bites it in half, and then eats the two pieces. She's a little particular so this has been her pattern each time we've given her one. 

As you can see our fur baby has a new favorite treat! Look for the soft Stackerz treats at your favorite retailer.

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