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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

No Subs

Today I just haven't felt up to par. Nothing major just a headache and lack of sleep. However on days like today even my beloved coffee doesn't cut it. I see lots of *newbie* questions about how homeschool works when one of the kids or worse the teacher is under the weather.  Tis the season for "feel bads" so here are several solutions:

*Take a sick day. Even if you don't have those built into your schedule you can always double up on another day or do school on a weekend or holiday. Some families even tack on a day or two at the end of the year to make up. If this is needed you shouldn't feel pressured by it. We can't control sickness and sometimes our minds and bodies just need a break.

*Call in a sub. This isn't realistic most of the time. Thus the title of my post but occasionally Dad or a grandparent can step in to guide the kids through some lessons. This is especially important if it is the teacher that is sick or if it is a longer illness. Hubby has jumped in for me a time or two even if I just needed a break.

*Just do what you can. This is our usual approach to a sick day. You're already stuck at home. My kids usually get bored just lying around if they don't feel well so we have worked slowly through some of our work in those cases. Today I wasn't horribly ill so we took it slow and got through all of our lessons. I took several breaks while they worked independently. It isn't ideal but it does keep us on track and I didn't feel any guilt about laying around on the couch when they were finished.

Today I'm thankful I was able to stay at home and that my sweet kiddos talked Hubby into getting Chinese take out for dinner. They know a bowl of Hot and Sour soup is my sick day comfort food.

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