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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Christmas Shopping

Got your Christmas sweater ready? It's time for shopping. EEK! I like to be done or almost done by this time of year. I'm no where close to that so I'm feeling a little like Nora Crank. I mean she only had a few hours to get ready for Christmas and I've still got a month but for me it feels like a few hours!

How do you organize your Christmas shopping? I do lots of lists. I love lists. The satisfying feeling of marking something off a list is a joy for me.

So I usually make lists of:

*places/ dates/ times of holiday gatherings

*food to take to those gatherings (this year I'm streamlining and making the same desserts for several events)

*people I need to buy gifts for and gift ideas

I find the hardest thing is thinking of actual gifts. I'm one of those people that really likes the challenge of finding a reasonably priced gift that the recipient will really like and use. It's always my goal to do that for everyone on my list but I usually panic and end up with a few gift cards.

One great place to search for gift ideas is Pinterest. I keep a board of gift ideas. Most are Christmas oriented.

I love to get the best deal on items but Black Friday is usually my last Christmas shopping day so I just get things that are really good deals.

What are your favorite Christmas shopping tips? I'm finding that the older my kids get the harder it is to really be an early Christmas shopper. Is this the case for you too?

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