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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Trying New Products for Free from Influenster

Written as a part of a promotional campaign. 

Do you ever wish you could try new products for free before you buy them? Do you wish there was one place to go to find reviews of products from real people that have tried the brand? Have you ever wanted one easy place to go to learn about new and old products that you might consider buying? Well I know that place. The place for all of those things! Influenster is a program that matches consumers to products to try and review.

Meaningful Beauty Vox Box I received free.

Getting started on Influenster is easy. You open a free account and then answer some easy questions. These questions will give Influenster your demographic category and some more specific questions will define your lifestyle and product choices. When you are a match for a Vox Box (the unique campaigns from Influenster that may be one product, many products, or a virtual task) you will receive a survey or notification that you are in. If you are receiving a physical product it will soon arrive direct to your door at no cost to you.

Part of a Vox Box I received free. 

Every Vox Box or campaign has its own mandatory tasks but usually they are just to check in your box and complete a final survey. Now if you are really into free products (I AM!) you can do additional tasks in hopes of earning more free swag.

Part of a Vox Box I received free. 

Don't think I forgot about the reviews! The Hub is the spot on Influenster where you can post all your reviews and you can read the reviews from others that have tried products. Influensters don't just review products they receive in a Vox Box, they can review a wide assortment of products and give each one a score (A, B, etc). I love reading the reviews before I buy something new!

In conclusion, I love Influenster! It is free. It is easy. Anyone can try it! Sign up today at!

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