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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

DVD Organization

We have a lot of DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. We don't have cable. Instead we rely on online streaming, discs, and an antenna for any television watching. I will admit over time our movie collection for the kids has gotten a bit out of control. I have a really nice cabinet to hold all of them but the kids aren't great at keeping the cabinet neat. Okay really they are terrible at it. So when we open the doors stacks of dvd cases and discs fall out all over the floor. It's been a real problem for a long time. Hubby or I would put all the movies back in the cases and reorganize the cabinet with a stern warning to keep them neat. That never lasted long.

A few months ago I started brainstorming better solutions. They really do watch the movies often so I didn't want to get rid of them. I wasn't up for trying to go all digital with them at this stage of the game although we do enjoy the movies that come with a digital copy. So I decided to get a CD/ DVD case and put all the kids movies into it. First I had to choose a case. That's one reason this idea has been bouncing around for months. There are so many choices!

Last week the cabinet exploded again, and I went straight to Amazon and picked one. Yesterday it arrived, and I got to work. First I pulled all of their movies out of the cabinet. Then I got some index cards, scissors, and a marker. I cut the index cards in half and wrote the name of each movie on an index card. For some of you this will seem like a silly step. I did it so we will know if any movies are missing from the case and so the kids will *hopefully* put the movies back in their correct slot.

As I was working, Hubby asked if I was alphabetizing them. I did not. For one thing anytime we added a movie I would need to move every movie that came after that one. Also my kids seem to find things better if they are grouped a bit. Since I wrote on cards and not on the actual slots, I can always move discs as I see fit. It was such a big task that I only grouped together holiday movies and movies with sequels. 

We put all the empty cases into a plastic tote for storage and it went to the basement where it would not be in the way. Now all the movies are neatly stored in a BIG media case and the cases will no longer avalanche out of my cabinet. Yay! This solution gives us lots more room in the cabinet and will hopefully save my children from my wrath over movies. 

The small black case is one we have always used for traveling.

What is your favorite storage solution for DVDs? 

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