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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lunch Room Dread

I received a free book from BookLook in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Our kids deal with bullying in ways that weren't even though of when we were kids. Like I heard one school counselor put it, "Kids these days are accessible 24/7 because of the internet and cell phones. Bullying doesn't stop when school is over." She is absolutely right. It isn't just kids either! Grown ups are some of the worst bullies. I've seen quite a bit online recently about adults feeling attacked or ostracized by "friends" on social media websites. It really is a much different world than it was such a short time ago.

Nancy Rue continues her Mean Girl Makeover series with book #2 You Can't Sit With Us. Ginger and the other girls in her group think life at school will be so much better with the anti-bullying code in place. Unfortunately, the mean girl group leader Kylie has found new ways to bypass the Code. Kylie doesn't want to get suspended again so she begins to quietly bully Ginger outside of school. It begins with an email and then moves to social media. Ginger is in a real predicament and she wants to follow the steps she learned about bullying before but she doesn't feel like they apply to this situation. Eventually she's forced to abandon her friends, she quits eating, and her brother even gets into a fist fight over all the rumors about their family. What will Ginger do? How can she get her friends and her peace back?

This book is every bit as good as the So Not Okay. It is a little shorter but it contains just as many twists and turns. As I read it, I remembered all the anxiety and the stress of trying to "fit in" that middle school entails. It isn't just school either. The girl drama extends to clubs, teams, and even church groups. I'm so glad Apple has a tight knit group of friends that ride the drama waves pretty well together. You Can't Sit With Us is a great book for girls from 5th grade and up. The main characters are 6th graders. Some of the subject matter in this book (certain names that are called, rumors surrounding the death of Ginger's mom) are definitely most appropriate for older girls. I also believe girls close to Apple's age (she's 9) will benefit most from the story and tips that are included in it.

If your daughter is dealing with bullies or you're just wanting to arm her with good information in the event she ever does have a mean girl problem, I recommend this series!

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