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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Budget Battle

Doing something different is usually hard. Stretching ourselves is necessary but not easy. This week I gave up my daily cups of coffee from my Keurig. Now don't misunderstand. I didn't give up coffee altogether. Back in 2012, I got a Keurig Vue from House Party. I was so, so, so excited. I love the Vue and the wonderful, steamy cups of coffee it gave me each morning (and most afternoons). I kept my original Keurig for a little while but I loved the Vue so much that I couldn't see going back. I sold the original Keurig and had a long, wonderful relationship with my Vue until recently. I could go into a long drawn out explanation of Keurig's recent changes but that isn't what this is about. Let me just say that Vue cups are now only available online or at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. The closest store is a long trek from me and it was becoming a hassle to go there for coffee. Vue cups are not cheap (at all) and I've had issues ordering them online before. I struggled through it for awhile before deciding the Keurig Vue needs to be put on break. The coffee was eating up a big portion of our grocery budget and it wasn't feasible. So now my beloved Vue is shoved into a corner and a sleek new traditional brewer has center stage on my counter. It hasn't been easy. The coffee isn't the same. 8 minutes to brew vs under a minute feels like an eternity. I may have actually cried over this. It's so silly. I know. I'm happy to report that after a week of drinking "regular" coffee, I'm almost acclimated. It can be done. It is hard, but it is possible.

What has been your biggest struggle as you try to maintain a budget?

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