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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Budget Battle

Our biggest struggle is still dining out. Just keeping it real. It is hard to eat at home 3 meals a day, 7 days a week. It just doesn't happen every time. I think being aware of it and paying attention to the cost is the key. I'm writing down EVERYTHING while I work to keep us on a budget. I'm low-tech. I've always kept a notebook to keep up with bills. Now I have pages to track all of our expenses- gas, groceries, clothing, dining out, etc. It's great to look and see how much we spent last week or last month in a particular area.

We are also working on an envelope cash system. I originally priced wallets designed for the purpose but they are expensive! Who wants to spend money to stay on a budget? I pulled out an old planner and filled it with some regular envelopes. Money spent=$0

Moral of the story. Track your money. All of it. Every penny. See where your money is going and decide where you can/ should tweak the flow. Keep your receipts and post them in your low tech notebook or computer program a couple of times a week. 

How do you track your money? Do you use an envelope system?

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