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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Online Math Review

My kids love computer games and really don't feel like they are doing school when they play educational games, so I was happy for the opportunity to do a review for GPA LEARN. Their online math game GPALOVEMATH is a fun way for students to learn and strengthen math skills. This program offers math for students in K-5th grades. Everything about the program is available online so there is nothing to print out.

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When you register a student, they have access for one year to all of the levels. That's a great bonus because your child may be behind or ahead of their grade level. Apple and Speedy both played GPALOVEMATH for the last few weeks, and they were both ahead of their level. The lessons were rather easy for them both. Apple needed to stay on 5th grade because that's the highest available level. I had Speedy stay on 2nd grade because he did run into some material that he needed to review. There is a recommended order or you can do your own order. Each level has 3 paths. The colored paths represent the types of lessons. I decided to keep them on the recommended order. They were fine with that until they realized sometimes it blocks them from going ahead on some paths until they complete certain lessons. You can see in this screenshot that Speedy can't go any further until he completes more of the blue path. They are continuing to move ahead but they've both fussed a little when their favorite path gets blocked.

The lessons involve a character(s) giving them an overview of a math concept and then issuing some type of challenge to go along with the game. In the 5th grade level, Nina and Dino are trying to defeat Dr. Division. Nina and Dino present a short cartoon lesson then the student does a few practice problems and then a quiz. In the 2nd grade level, Adirehs is a surfer on an island. Her lessons focus on cooking and guessing animal friends. After the lesson, the student does practice problems and a quiz. The lessons go through about 4 examples for each type of problem before the student moves on to the practice. My kids figured out fairly quickly that they could completely skip the instruction and/ or the practice to go straight to the quiz. 

I like that the lessons are short and easy to understand. Also, I like that the math concepts are broken down into small, easy to learn lessons. I'm glad the student is able to practice (with 3 life lines) before attempting the quiz. This is a program that a student can use completely on their own with little to no assistance from the parent. That's a HUGE plus as I move my kids to becoming more independent workers. I like that they are able to move between levels and that the subscription is for a whole year. I see this being very beneficial during summer break. The kids will be playing while keeping their math skills sharp. This can be used 1 day a week or 7. Over the last few weeks, I had the kids both work on it 3-4 times per week. 

Speedy liked that at the end of each lesson he could move Adirehs and her hot air balloon up and down around the mountain.

Apple and Speedy both LOVE LOVE LOVE that there are prizes. The parent can set up various motivational prizes like staying up late or a monetary reward. The website itself also offers fun rewards like Toys R Us gift cards! Apple and Speedy both have taken advantage of the gift cards and are so excited to go and buy something! I appreciate that I could change the motivations to things that were the right fit for our family. I also like the gift cards because that pushed them to want to play and do well on the quizzes. I should mention they receive points for every quiz they take. The better the score the higher level of points they achieve. You will receive an email (if you want) after every quiz telling you the score and how many points they received. If the kids score too low they will be prompted to try the lesson over before moving on in that path.

Now there were a couple of things we didn't like about the program. The voices on the lessons are very electronic/ robotic sounding. It is very distracting. I've heard that the program is working to improve the voices, but I did not get confirmation on that myself. You can turn down the volume and read the words on each lesson instead but that may get confusing if it is a new concept for the student. The lessons don't play straight through. The student must click an arrow to move ahead or back. I can see why the program is set up this way, but I think my kids would prefer it just to move along like a video. 

Those are just personal preferences and don't really impact the educational quality of the program. I did need to contact customer service one time for a question, and they were so prompt and polite with their response. That is a huge plus for GPA LEARN! We used this program on our Windows laptop through Chrome. We never had any technical issues. The program can also be used on MAC, Apple iPads, and Samsung Galazy Tab 4. I think this is a beneficial online program for homeschooling family and public/ private school homes. I'm looking forward to continuing to use this program as extra math practice outside of our regular school time. 

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