And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Internet Information

My generation was one of the first to really experience the abundance of information created by the explosion of the internet. Thankfully, the social media boom didn't occur until I was well past my "youth" years. I am so glad I didn't have my mistakes and dumbest moments forever posted on the internet for everyone to see. Teens now face so many consequences from things they text or post. It is hard for them to understand the lasting impact a single post can have on relationships, jobs, and future opportunities. Notice I said teens. I don't think most teens are mature enough to handle an online presence, much less children.

How do we handle all this information that's available at our fingertips? I admit I love my smartphone. I can access so many things in a moment that help me.

*Online maps and GPS are by far some of the most useful inventions ever. While I still tend to print a map for long trips (to unfamiliar areas), having a GPS or map has come in handy many times.

*Weather is another huge bonus. We live in a tornado prone area and the ability to check forecasts and radar makes life much less stressful. While tornado sirens are common, they do malfunction. Generally phones and internet work unless a storm is very close or has already caused damage and passed through the area.

*Connections to far away friends and folks from the past is great. In a few minutes on social media, I can catch up on what is going on in someone's life. I can also post something exciting in my life and share it with many people all at one time. When someone chooses to leave social media, I miss the easy connection to them.

Even with all of the positives, it is important to remember there are many negatives.

*Online news (and other forms of news for that matter) are so skewed. Sensationalism is the highlight. I get so frustrated with bandwagon news. More than that, the hatred that is spewed online can cause one to lose confidence in society as a whole. I've "unfollowed" many news stations who post provactive headlines on social media just to stir a debate. Online debate lacks the give and take of a face to face discussion. People also seem to put away all manners when it comes to posting their opinions on the internet when they are dealing with strangers.

*Social media has its ups and downs as well. Seeing the perfect snapshots of the lives of others can cause us to question our own lives. When your newsfeed is full of someone else's happiest moments, it can lead to dissatisfaction with ourselves. It is so important to look through social media with the realization that no one is leading a perfect life. I personally think it is important to skim past the "negative Nellies" who always have a complaint. I highly support posting prayer requests but make sure you also include some positives on your page.

How do we deal with these things personally? Many people are finding a constant internet connection can be too much of a good thing. Reports of social media addiction are on the rise. Many adults are realizing too much time connected leads to a lack of real life connections. I've read several stories lately of people taking social media fasts or leaving online "life" altogether in exchange for more time in the Bible, more time with family, and more time resting their eyes and minds. I think that is a great idea! I'm definitely the person in my family who spends the most time on the internet (mostly for work/ blog purposes), and I've started working on purposefully stepping away when I can. It isn't a perfect exercise yet, but I am making an attempt. The pressure to always have my phone right with me or to check social media multiple times a day can't be healthy! We already have so much stress and pressure in our lives. This is one we can live without.

Our children are still very young and don't have any social media accounts. Some of their friends do and that's a personal choice every family must make on their own. I don't have any intention of letting mine have their own accounts any time soon. While we are doing more online school programs, my kids don't spend much time on the internet. They both know how computers work and they have some devices that connect to the internet, but they don't have free range. They are only allowed to connect if they ask first. Every parental lock is on the devices so they can't do anything that we can't see or check. We do allow them to use Netflix but we monitor their history, have their accounts set to "kids", and they know they must ask before watching anything new.

How do you handle internet consumption in your home? Do you have specific rules and expectations for your family?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Channing O'Banning in 2 Adventures

I received these books free in exchange for my review as a Tommy Mommy. All opinions are my own.

Channing O'Banning is a 4th grade girl with an artistic flair. From the colored pencil in her ponytail to the sketchbook usually in her hand, she manages to incorporate art into her whole day. Angela Spady brings us this delightful new character and her friends in Channing O'Banning and the RainForest Rescue and Channing O'Banning and the Turquoise Trail. These short chapter books (around 100 pages each) contain fun stories your readers are sure to love.

In the first book, Chan and her friends Cooper and Maddy find a new student in their midst. Marco has caught the attention of Maddy and Channing O'Banning is feeling left out. She begins to blame all of her issues on Marco so she's MORTIFIED when he winds up joining her family on a trip to Costa Rica. Once Chan relaxes, she realizes she can learn a lot from Marco and he's a nice guy. This trip encourages Channing to come home and take on a new mission! See a sample from this book.

In book two, Cooper, Maddy, and Channing are trying to unearth something cool they stumbled across on the playground. At first, Channing O'Banning thinks the dig is boring but when she begins to study fossils and Native American culture, she finds it interesting. A surprise trip to the American West helps Channing O'Banning forget a recent embarrassment and gives her all the information she needs for a class project. Take a peek at this book.

Apple really enjoyed these books, but they were super quick reads for her. I'm encouraging Speedy to read them (even though the main character is a girl). I read both books and the stories are original and engaging. These books briefly mention Biblical principles. Although the mentions are brief, the overall themes of both books are Christian values.

Would you like to win your own copies of these books? Enter via the easy Giveaway Tools widget.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Love/ Hate

I have a bit of a love/ hate relationship with makeup. I wore lots of it in high school but not properly. Then I went on a makeup hiatus. I decided it was too much trouble and very rarely wore any unless it was a special occasion. Next, I worked at a business where my co-workers firmly encouraged wearing makeup. Every day. They showed me some techniques and fueled a need to wear it every work day. After a few years of that I felt compelled to wear it if I even stepped out of the house. Finally, after many years at home with my kids, I can go out without wearing makeup, but I feel weird and exposed (at least for a little while).

I want makeup and dressing up to be a fun experience. Looking our best can make us feel good about ourselves! Finding a makeup product that is in my budget and helps me achieve that is a double bonus.

CoverGirl  graciously sent me these two products to try (free!).

The Intensify Me! Liquid Eyeliner has a paddle shaped tip for a beautiful line every time. I'm not so good with eyeliner so I was nervous, but it works great! I didn't end up with black streaks all over my face so I count that as a win. While this isn't a product I will use every day, it is one I can pull out for those special times when I want to feel a little more dressed up.

The real star of this review is The Super Sizer by Lashblast. I've used the same brand of mascara most of my life but that has now changed! The Super Sizer is has a unique applier that you twirl as you apply for maximum effect. It really does super size my lashes! I have been wearing this pretty much every day and I'm still impressed with the results.

These CoverGirl products have me more on the love side with my makeup! Thanks for the freebies CoverGirl!

{I was sent these products for free with no obligation to review them. These opinions are my own.}

Pang of Guilt

All the pictures are on Facebook. My newsfeed is dripping with photos of awards ceremonies, field day, presentations, and graduations. I rejoice with those that are rejoicing over the accomplishments of their children but a small pang of guilt is deep down. Are my children missing out on something important? Am I ruining their lives by homeschooling them? Will they ever feel worthy without the certificates and plastic trophies? 

I let that narrative run amuck for a day or two. It's been awhile since I felt like my kids were missing out on anything big by getting their education at home. Perhaps I feel it more strongly this year as Apple "graduates" elementary school and moves on to 6th grade. Then I realize even that is laughable. I didn't leave elementary until after 6th grade. Our middle school was 7th & 8th only. Now one local school system is thinking of going back to K-8th schools. The point is it is subjective. In my eyes, finishing each grade is a huge accomplishment that we should celebrate and we will. I did break down and buy her a little card to congratulate her. 

So if you are feeling the public school yearning, be of good cheer. Your kids are getting tons from homeschool and you won't regret it in the end. If you want, you can print them certificates or have trophies made or even buy a .97 card to congratulate them. If you are considering homeschool and feel deep concern over missing these activities, look for a local homeschool co-op. They often have field days and some groups organize graduations and end of the year ceremonies. 
Our school year is coming to a close (but we will be doing some work through the summer!). Are you finished with school yet?

Friday, May 15, 2015

Fresh Pearls

For the last couple of weeks the weather has been perfect for throwing open the doors and airing out the house. The breeze has left my home smelling fresh and clean. Now it is hot. The Tennessee humidity is kicking in and the air is running. I struggle in the hottest part of the summer and coldest part of the winter because I feel like my house is too closed up....and smelly. Come on, we all recognize the "kid smells" that come with raising a family.

Thankfully, I received a new product called Renuzit Pearl Scents. These little jars pack some big freshness! We tried Blue Sky Breeze. I really thought this would be one of those products that smells really strong for a day or two and then fades away. I've been so surprised! I've used it about 2 weeks and the scent has not diminished. It also isn't an overwhelming smell. Somehow I seem to get sporadic waves of fragrance at random times. I don't know how these little liquidy balls do it but they work!

The odors are gone and my living room has a slight hint of outdoors freshness. I wouldn't leave these sitting within reach of very small children. You shouldn't leave anything like this in reach of kids anyhow but I think the colorful orbs would be hard to resist. I'm thankful my kids are finally to the age where I feel safe with items like this and even an occasional lit candle.

Renuzit Pearl Scents come in 5 fragrances:

*Blue Sky Breeze
*Sparkling Rain
*Fresh Lavender and Eucalyptus
*Chamomile and Jasmine
*Seductive Pineapple

I have 3 coupons to giveaway! 3 winners will be randomly selected to receive 1 coupon each. Enter via the Giveaway Tools widget for your chance to try this new product.

I received this product free for the purpose of review from Purex Insiders. All opinions are my own.

Make Your Reservation

I was very excited to review the second book in Hillary Manton Lodge's Two Blue Doors series. Reservations for Two takes us back to the story of Juliette that began in A Table by the Window. Now she is in the midst of opening a restaurant with her brother Nico, and she is still trying to discover the history of the mysterious picture she found in her late grandmother's things. She takes off on a trip to France and Italy to find more information about her grandmother's past and to attend a special party for her Nonno.

Juliette's beau Neil joins her in Europe. Juliette lives in Portland, and Neil lives in Memphis. They haven't quite figured out how to make their long distance relationship work, but they have a strong connection. Soon enough the trip has ended and Juliette finds herself back in Portland, busy with the restaurant, without Neil, and very worried about her mother who is battling cancer. Her life is full of stress but she feels blessed by her close family, roommate and pastry chef Clementine, and her grandmother's dog Gigi.

Juliette takes a trip to Memphis in this book. I'm very familiar with Memphis and close to the area so I thought this would be a nice twist. While I enjoyed some of the familiar things of my region that were mentioned, I wasn't so thrilled with the line:

"But I wasn't ignorant; I knew Tennessee culture meant you went to church on Sunday morning, and if you didn't you were probably a godless heathen."

I'm pretty thick skinned and don't get offended often. In fact, I feel like we live in a world of over-offendedness. So I won't say this statement really offended me, but I do feel like it was harsh. This is a fictional book and meant to be taken as such, but when the author is writing about the Peabody Hotel and the humidity of the south and Corky's BBQ, then this statement feels like a true reflection of how the author thinks. I'd just like to say bless her heart.

I enjoyed this book but not as much as book 1 in the series. I don't like to leave things unfinished and this book felt like it ended abruptly, so I will for sure be looking to read book 3. If you are looking for an easy summertime read that is a gentle romance with some recipes thrown in, this is a book you will enjoy.

I received this book free from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Budget Battle

It's been awhile since I did a budget battle update. I'm happy to report we are on target. We are right where we hoped to be at this point in the year. We even have some very exciting things happening, but I'm not ready to share here just yet. We've been able to stay on budget, take a lovely trip to St. Louis, and a few day trips.

I have fallen behind on writing down everything. It is hard to remember to write down every penny spent and every purchase when paying with cash. I hope to improve on that because I want to have a really solid idea of where we went over or under to help prepare our budget for 2016.

I think the biggest change for us has been awareness. We are so aware that we want to get our debt completely paid off that we've been very conservative with groceries and purchases. At the same time, allowing ourselves a budget for clothing, homeschool, and trips has given us the freedom to buy things we need and do things we want without feeling guilty about it. In the past, I've tended to lock down all spending and that just hasn't been successful for our family.

Now that we are approaching the halfway mark of 2015, how is your budget going? Do you have any great tips or experiences to share?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Bully

I received a free copy of this book from Tommy Nelson in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

I am sad that Nancy Rue's Mean Girl Makeover Trilogy has come to an end. In the final book, Sorry I'm Not Sorry, big bully Kylie has a rude awakening. Kylie finds that her deception is no longer working and the adults in her life are ready for her to make a change. While her parents are still trying to defend their princess, Kylie decides she can fake her way through the school's punishments so she can regain her position as a cheerleader by the end of the summer.

When she finds out her punishments include regular meetings with Lydia, the mentor of the Tori's Tribelet and creator of the anti-bullying campaign, and working at a children's arts and drama camp for the summer, she isn't sure she is going to make it after all. While she has a rocky start to her assignments, over time Kylie begins to soften and take a different look at life. She is shocked when the girls she has bullied in the past begin to treat her with some kindness. Kylie finds that working with the little girls in her dance class gives her a new perspective.

I love that my Apple loves these books. They aren't just about bullying. While they do show some methods for dealing with bullies and the cause and effect of some bullying behavior, they also show tween girls a better way to deal with one another. It isn't always about bullying with girls of this age, a lot of the angst is the drama. We try to adopt a drama free environment around our home, but it can be a struggle.

If you are looking for a good read for your tween girl, I recommend this series. It is set on middle school girls, but I enjoyed reading each book almost as much as Apple did. I've got a copy of Sorry I'm Not Sorry to giveaway! Enter via the Giveaway Tools widget.

See my reviews of So Not Okay and You Can't Sit With Us.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Review: Firmly Planted Gospels 2

One of the biggest benefits of homeschool is that we can focus on Bible studies as much as we want. I'm always looking for age appropriate, interesting Bible studies for the kids, so I was thrilled to get the chance to review a Real Life Press resource by Heidi St. John. Heidi (The Busy Mom) and her husband Jay have written several family Bible studies, and they've made student workbooks to correspond with each. These books are available bundled or separately and can be purchased as downloadable PDF files. 

Real Life Press Review

I was actually blessed to receive the Firmly Planted, Gospels, Part 1 bundle as a PDF file AND Firmly Planted, Gospels, Part 2 Family Study Guide and Student Book were sent to me in hard copy form. Since we received Part 2 printed, we began with it. There are 10 lessons in each study. The last lesson in The Gospels, Part 2 is the Resurrection. Because we received this study right before Easter, we started with the last lesson. We were already discussing the Resurrection and the family study and corresponding student activities were perfect.

Each of the 10 lessons is designed to last one week. In the Family Study Guide, the lesson is presented from the Bible. Then there is "The Seed" or main idea of the passage. "Planting the Seed" includes a short memory verse and a longer one for older kids and adults. A section with more information to help everyone understand the passage is called "Watering the Seedling". Following this section is 4 daily studies to use throughout the week to reinforce the Biblical principles of the passage. "Digging Deeper" continues to help the reader/ listener understand the passage and "Taste the Fruit" makes the lessons relevant to daily life. 

This study was very easy to use for homeschool. You could do the family study together at breakfast or in the evening. My husband works crazy random shifts so it isn't always feasible to include him in our studies like this. Instead, we used the family study guide in the mornings for our Bible portion of our school time. On Monday, I would read the kids the lesson passage for the week and the Day 1 material. Then on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we would read Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4. This was perfect for us because we only do seat work those 4 days per week. 

The Student Workbook is actually designed for the whole family to use as well. There are so many activities for each lesson! The book uses easy icons to guide you through the pages. They are neatly arranged so that each lesson has pages like:

*Words to Remember
*Journaling pages
*Copywork for the memory verse
*Mazes (Upper & Lower ages)
*Coloring page
*Crosswords (Upper & Lower ages)
*Word Search (Upper & Lower ages) 
*and more! In all, each week has about 20 available pages in the workbook.

The book states that you can make copies for your own children or buy copies for each child if it is being used in a co-op or other group setting. If you are teaching your own children who are at different levels, you may find you don't need extra copies. I let Apple do the older activities and Speedy did the younger ones. For pages that were appropriate for both kids, I had them take turns filling them in. Apple & Speedy really enjoyed the crosswords, word searches, and mazes because they each had their own version. Apple loves to color, and she would take her time coloring the page while I read through the lesson on Mondays. Speedy liked to have the page with the vocabulary so he could read us the definition when I said the word in the lesson. 

When we received this Bible study, I thought the kids would use this in place of their devotional reading. Instead they just wanted to add this in! I also worried that they would quickly lose interest because they are fairly familiar with some of these stories. Instead they felt like they gained more understanding of each story because we went into depth with each one. Their favorite that we studied so far was the story of Jesus and Zacchaeus for week 3. As you can see above, Apple had a great time coloring in the fun picture, and Speedy drew a picture of Zacchaeus up in the tree. 

This study is so flexible. You can really adjust it to meet your family's needs. This would be an great Bible study for any family, homeschool or not. Each week I wrote our memory verse on the board, and we would go over it each day. I organized our family book and workbook in one 3 ring binder. As the children did the activities, I would pull them out of the notebook, and then put them back in when they were completed. We did not do every activity for every lesson. With 2 kids, it would have been a struggle to do all the reading and complete 20 activities each week. We did most of the activity pages though as each only took a few minutes. 

There are other volumes of Firmly Planted studies available. Each contains 10 lessons. As I have raved above, these are great for families. These short lessons would be also work well for adults who aren't as familiar with the stories in the Bible! 

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Perfect Vacation (Field Trip)

We recently took a lovely family trip to St. Louis, MO. This was not our first trip to the area. We haven't been in several years, and we've never stayed for 4 days. We packed everything we could into those 4 days! It was a blast, but I have to warn you that it was one of those vacation where you come home tired. I wish I'd worn a pedometer to see how far we actually walked each day. It was a lot.

St. Louis is unique because so many fun, family oriented activities are offered for free or very discounted. One of our very favorite StL places is the zoo. Entry into the zoo is free and you can even take in a cooler or snacks. We found some nearby free parking and went out for a picnic lunch. After our relaxing meal, we went back into the zoo to finish seeing all the cool animals. Since we've spent this semester studying zoology, this was a perfect field trip for the kids. They saw some really neat animals, reptiles, and butterflies. The grown ups enjoyed it as well.

The weather was PERFECT while we were there. Not too hot, not too cold. This was a blessed trip for sure. I'm glad the weather was great because we also enjoyed the Missouri Botanical Garden. This was our first trip to a botanical garden, and it was wonderful. We plan to study botany in the fall so I felt like this was a good preview field trip. There is a fee for adults to get into the garden but kids are free. We did spend the money to ride the tram and I'm so glad we did. We heard extra history on the garden, and it was a good overview of the 70 acres of gardens! The tram tour let us see which areas we really wanted to walk through after the ride. 

We ate at some great placces along the way too. Lambert's in Sikeston, MO is always a favorite stop. The food is HUGE and tasty and the service is always friendly. Plus who can pass up throwed rolls? They even have a small arcade which is a great break from a long trip in the car.

We also went to Fitz's in St. Louis for a meal. The food is fantastic and we got to watch them bottle their famous root beer! Educational and yummy.

Our baseball boy actually is the one who encouraged us to take a trip to St. Louis. He really wanted to see a Cardinals game, and it sounded like a great time to us! Before our trip, a friend encouraged us to take the tour of Busch Stadium. I am SO GLAD we did! It was well worth the entry fee. The hour long walking tour takes you all over the stadium and you get to do some cool stuff like sit in the Cardinals dugout and look out from the media box. Our 2 tour guides gave us so much history on the stadium and the team and we even got to see some of the World Series trophies. I definitely count it as a field trip too. History. Americana. BASEBALL! 

And this face at the game......PRICELESS!

We stayed with friends on this trip which only added to the joy and richness of this trip. It was great to connect with them again. We had some time just to relax and enjoy their company. One last "field trip" that we took was to the City Museum. My kids have wanted to go there for awhile. They both LOVED it! Apple is not a huge fan of heights but she enjoyed some of the slides as well as the art center and the more traditional museum portions. Speedy is part monkey and I believe he climbed, slid, and played in every single structure available. 

My kids are already making their list of things to do on the next trip to St. Louis!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Adaptive Math Testing With Lessons

A+ Interactive Math Review

The end of the school year is a great time to do an assessment test. It was just the right time for us to review A+ Interactive Math for the Crew. I was specifically able to try their Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan. Speedy and Apple were able to take grade specific math tests to identify gaps in their math knowledge. This program finds those gaps and then offers lessons to close the gaps. 

A+ Adaptive is a chance for students to take math tests for their specific grade level. If they are not proficient in any of the tested areas, the program then creates a lesson plan for the student complete with lessons and worksheets. The test is adaptive, so if they miss too many problems in an area the test will adjust down a grade level and begin testing them there. I was expecting that the test would also adapt up a grade in the same way, but I did not see that happen in our use of the product. This is a 3 month package which was more than adequate for us complete the tests and lessons. In fact, we finished in just about a month.
Upon registration you get a parent login and password, and then you set up accounts for each student you are enrolling. Each student will log in with their own username and password. After "launching" the program, they will come to their dashboard which gives them options to take tests, view reports, view lesson plans, or watch a video tutorial. This dashboard makes this program super simple to use. No need to hunt for what you need, it is all laid out on the dashboard. 

The lesson plans will be blank until a student takes a test and does not pass. There are a some choices on how to use the program. You child can go through and take all the tests and then go back to work the lessons they need. They can also try a test and if they don't pass then they can do those lessons amd worksheets and then attempt the test again. Then they can move on to another test. The tests can also be taken in any order. Speedy & Apple skipped around. Once they have passed a test, the lessons disappear. Once they have passed the test, they can review the test they took but not retake it. 

The instruction comes in the form of multimedia lessons. These lessons are like short videos using lots of colorful graphics and examples. The lessons are interactive so the kids are asked to answer some questions as the go along. Then they can practice with online worksheets. The grades for their online worksheets can be found under your parent account. 

There were a lot of lessons for each section. I was surprised a few times when one of the kids only seem to miss a few questions and then had a very long list of lessons. Sometimes a test was as few as 12 questions. Other times if they began to miss questions, they had as many as 28 before it shut them down and gave them lessons to do. It was great that everything was automatically graded! As soon as the test cut off, they knew whether they passed or failed. The happy smiley face guy made them cheer! The red box of instructions made them groan.

For the 2nd grade level, there were 13 tests. For the 5th grade level, there were 17 tests. With Apple headed to "middle school" next year, I'm so glad to know she was (finally) able to pass all the 5th grade level tests. To be honest, this program surprised me. They are both a solid grade level ahead with the math curriculum we use. I thought this would be a breeze for them. It actually took a lot of work for them to both pass all the levels. I know all curriculum has some holes, so I figured they might need some lessons. They actually passed very few of the tests on one try. Testing is tough for both of them. We do some regular testing in homeschool but doing this kind of testing on a computer was new for them. It was also a lesson for them in doing your very best the first time. One of them did very poorly on a test on the first attempt. As in didn't put in any effort at all. The reward for that was a HUGE list of lessons that they had to watch. 

Under their summary reports, they can find a progress report that looks like these. The little fella moves farther to the right based on how many questions they get correct on the test. You can see sometimes they were right at the goal and other times they moved ahead a bit. This little guy was a fun way to motivate them to do their best on the test the first time, but I didn't find him until they had done several of the tests.

So in summary, this math curriculum is basically for testing. It is perfect for homeschoolers wanting to be sure they are on target. For brick and mortar schooled children, this would be great for a summer activity to identify and close learning gaps before they move on to the next school grade. I like that for one low price, this program tests them AND gives them the lessons they need to get them on grade level. Regular math practice and review is necessary for all children. My kids enjoyed the lessons and concept of this math program. They felt a lot of frustration with some of the tests that took them many, many, many attempts to pass. I felt that frustration with them! I like that this program required little to no help from me at all. At their ages, once I set this up for each of them they easily could have completed the whole thing totally on their own. Because we were reviewing the product, I stayed a little more involved than I would have otherwise. I do wish the program sent parental emails with progress reports. I'd like to have had something concrete on their progress without logging on and looking at each of their accounts. If emails are available, I did not see the option. We used this product on a laptop computer. Even though A+ Interactive was a little different than what I expected, overall I found it to be a useful product. It did test both my kids and the lessons were successful in helping them both to pass all the tests for their grade levelA+ Interactive Math also offers Family Math Packages

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From Monday, May 4, 2015 to May 18, 2015 there will be a BIG sale on the A+ Adaptive Test with Lesson Plan that we used and on the Family Math Package so be sure to check that out! There are also some freebies available on the A+ Interactive Math website including a free math placement test and a free family math program trial so you might want to check those out as well. 

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