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Friday, May 15, 2015

Fresh Pearls

For the last couple of weeks the weather has been perfect for throwing open the doors and airing out the house. The breeze has left my home smelling fresh and clean. Now it is hot. The Tennessee humidity is kicking in and the air is running. I struggle in the hottest part of the summer and coldest part of the winter because I feel like my house is too closed up....and smelly. Come on, we all recognize the "kid smells" that come with raising a family.

Thankfully, I received a new product called Renuzit Pearl Scents. These little jars pack some big freshness! We tried Blue Sky Breeze. I really thought this would be one of those products that smells really strong for a day or two and then fades away. I've been so surprised! I've used it about 2 weeks and the scent has not diminished. It also isn't an overwhelming smell. Somehow I seem to get sporadic waves of fragrance at random times. I don't know how these little liquidy balls do it but they work!

The odors are gone and my living room has a slight hint of outdoors freshness. I wouldn't leave these sitting within reach of very small children. You shouldn't leave anything like this in reach of kids anyhow but I think the colorful orbs would be hard to resist. I'm thankful my kids are finally to the age where I feel safe with items like this and even an occasional lit candle.

Renuzit Pearl Scents come in 5 fragrances:

*Blue Sky Breeze
*Sparkling Rain
*Fresh Lavender and Eucalyptus
*Chamomile and Jasmine
*Seductive Pineapple

I have 3 coupons to giveaway! 3 winners will be randomly selected to receive 1 coupon each. Enter via the Giveaway Tools widget for your chance to try this new product.

I received this product free for the purpose of review from Purex Insiders. All opinions are my own.

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