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Monday, May 4, 2015

Perfect Vacation (Field Trip)

We recently took a lovely family trip to St. Louis, MO. This was not our first trip to the area. We haven't been in several years, and we've never stayed for 4 days. We packed everything we could into those 4 days! It was a blast, but I have to warn you that it was one of those vacation where you come home tired. I wish I'd worn a pedometer to see how far we actually walked each day. It was a lot.

St. Louis is unique because so many fun, family oriented activities are offered for free or very discounted. One of our very favorite StL places is the zoo. Entry into the zoo is free and you can even take in a cooler or snacks. We found some nearby free parking and went out for a picnic lunch. After our relaxing meal, we went back into the zoo to finish seeing all the cool animals. Since we've spent this semester studying zoology, this was a perfect field trip for the kids. They saw some really neat animals, reptiles, and butterflies. The grown ups enjoyed it as well.

The weather was PERFECT while we were there. Not too hot, not too cold. This was a blessed trip for sure. I'm glad the weather was great because we also enjoyed the Missouri Botanical Garden. This was our first trip to a botanical garden, and it was wonderful. We plan to study botany in the fall so I felt like this was a good preview field trip. There is a fee for adults to get into the garden but kids are free. We did spend the money to ride the tram and I'm so glad we did. We heard extra history on the garden, and it was a good overview of the 70 acres of gardens! The tram tour let us see which areas we really wanted to walk through after the ride. 

We ate at some great placces along the way too. Lambert's in Sikeston, MO is always a favorite stop. The food is HUGE and tasty and the service is always friendly. Plus who can pass up throwed rolls? They even have a small arcade which is a great break from a long trip in the car.

We also went to Fitz's in St. Louis for a meal. The food is fantastic and we got to watch them bottle their famous root beer! Educational and yummy.

Our baseball boy actually is the one who encouraged us to take a trip to St. Louis. He really wanted to see a Cardinals game, and it sounded like a great time to us! Before our trip, a friend encouraged us to take the tour of Busch Stadium. I am SO GLAD we did! It was well worth the entry fee. The hour long walking tour takes you all over the stadium and you get to do some cool stuff like sit in the Cardinals dugout and look out from the media box. Our 2 tour guides gave us so much history on the stadium and the team and we even got to see some of the World Series trophies. I definitely count it as a field trip too. History. Americana. BASEBALL! 

And this face at the game......PRICELESS!

We stayed with friends on this trip which only added to the joy and richness of this trip. It was great to connect with them again. We had some time just to relax and enjoy their company. One last "field trip" that we took was to the City Museum. My kids have wanted to go there for awhile. They both LOVED it! Apple is not a huge fan of heights but she enjoyed some of the slides as well as the art center and the more traditional museum portions. Speedy is part monkey and I believe he climbed, slid, and played in every single structure available. 

My kids are already making their list of things to do on the next trip to St. Louis!

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