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Monday, June 15, 2015

A Year of Math

I have heard of CTC Math more times than I can count, but I never really researched it until I had the opportunity to review it for the Crew. We have been trying the 12 Month Family Plan for homeschoolers. I have to say this is an impressive online math program. All your kids (up to 10) are included on the plan, and they all have access to every level from Kindergarten to Trigonometry. That is huge considering the low price. One year of this math program costs about what most curriculums cost for 1 year for just one child.

 Pro #1- One low price for the whole family.

So of course I set Apple and Speedy up on this program. I know I have drilled 5th and 2nd grade math into their little minds, but I just can't help myself. I had them start on those grades. They weren't thrilled, but they know they are working their way up to starting their new grade levels so they humored me.

 Pro #2- Access to 12 levels of math instruction.

All of this program is online. Each family gets a parent sign in and then the kids each get their own login and password. It's super simple to open and get started. Once I set the accounts up, the kids pretty much took over. When they open their grade, they see a list of choices under stream and within each stream is a list of topics. Each of those has its own list of lessons. That sounds overwhelming but each lesson is short! The lessons have their own short videos that they follow with practice questions. There is also a lesson summary available for each lesson. It is like a note page for the lesson that they can click on. Each topic also has a choice at the top for diagnostic tests. They can choose a standard test or a comprehensive test.
5th Grade Streams and Topics

5th Grade Addition and Subtraction Lessons

Example From a Lesson Video

Pro #3- Independent work for kids with little to no interaction from the parent/ teacher.

There are so many ways to make this math program work for your family or individual child. Just to give the program a good trial, I had each child go through the topics and take the comprehensive diagnostic tests. Remember they were each working on the grade level they just completed. If they were unable to pass the test (the default passing grade is 90% but I changed it to 80%) then they could move on. If they didn't pass, I had them do the lessons for that topic and try again. It might work better for your family to have them do each lesson in order and then do the test. That's what I am planning to have them do when they begin the next grade level. If you have a really math oriented student, they may just want to skip all around and try different grades and topics.

So since this is basically hands free for parents (WOOHOO!) how do you keep up with their progress? There are so many ways! First, a parent email is sent weekly. It includes a report for each child's progress that lists their work for each day. There are scores included for any lessons and tests that they did as well as an overall grade for them. Second, you can log into the parent account at anytime to view their progress. All the same information is included there. Third, the kids can keep up with their own work through an "Awards and Reports" button. They can also look for a little number 1 next to their topics to see if they have passed the diagnostic test. I'm pretty detail oriented so I also designed some printables so we could easily see what they had left to do.

Awards and Reports

Detailed Report

Summary Report

The tables I created to help the kids keep up with their test scores and progress.

In our experience, CTC Math works. The lessons are short and engaging. The kids don't feel burdened by the tasks or tests because they aren't long and drawn out. The kids get "awards" (certificates) when they complete all the lessons in a topic. That was a great motivator and so was the overall grade score. They both asked me to check theirs at least once a week. I think the thing they both commented on the most was the instant results. Each question was marked correct or incorrect instantly so they knew if they were doing a problem the right way. I love that they could work independently. They really didn't need any help or instruction from me at all. I was able to just ask them to do a test or a certain number of lessons and off they went. I also like the fact that this program is good for a whole year. While I'm not completely ready to abandon our regular math curriculum, this is certainly a wonderful program to use in addition to it or on breaks from it. If you have a student that is struggling, this is a terrific tutor program. I plan to have them continue working on CTC through the summer. They are almost finished with the grade levels they are on, and then I will have them start the next level. I can definitely see why so many families use CTC Math as their only math curriculum!

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