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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Civil War Adventure You Can't Resist

Heirloom Audio Productions is back with a new amazing audio theater production, and I got a copy to review for the Schoolhouse Crew! With Lee in Virginia is another G.A. Henty adaptation. I also received access to the bonus download materials that included a study guide, MP3, sound track, With Lee in Virgina e-book,  cast poster, access to the Live the Adventure Letter e-newsletter, and printable Robert E. Lee quote. This is two and half hours of Civil War excitement on 2 discs. 
With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review
Kirk Cameron and Sean Astin are just 2 of the big names that lent their voices to this war drama. Set in the spring of 1861, you will hear the exciting story of young Vincent as he sets off to war with the Confederate army. Vincent struggles through a feud with a neighbor before ever setting off to war. Vincent is in the war with some of his friends, and he has carried his slave Dan with him. Vincent's faith in God and constant prayer sustain him in such a trying time. You and your children will hear about General Stonewall Jackson and General Robert E. Lee. This dramatic story is sure to keep you intrigued as you wait to hear what will become of Vincent and Dan. 

My kids enjoyed this historical audio drama just as much as In Freedom's Cause. It got them both interested in the Civil War and generals like Lee and Jackson. We listened to the discs in the car on trips back and forth to run errands. Our trips to "town" take at least 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back so we finished the whole thing in short time. When we would get home after listening, I'd print a couple of pages of the study guide. Orally, we'd go through several questions from each page, and we'd talk about the vocabulary words. This wasn't an "official" school assignment for us since it is (was) still summer time, but I wanted them to go through some of the questions to make sure they were really listening and understanding the story. 

This high quality production is better than a movie. The amazing soundtrack keep the excitement high as Vincent goes from one adventure to the next. The cast is amazing, and the story is captivating. The tale of a 15 year old at war kept my kids and me intrigued from beginning to end. I have a feeling they will ask to listen to this story again and again. Lately I've been looking for ways to cut their screentime down and audiobooks are certainly one solution. They can listen and color or draw as they do so. Or in Speedy's case, he can pull out some little plastic toy soldiers and reenact the scenes as he listens. 

Apple says "I love history, and this was great history! The different voices keep the story very interesting."

"I like that they had an adventure, and it included a character for G.A. Henty telling the story. Kirk Cameron is on there and he makes good movies! The guy from Lord of the Rings is on there too!" said Speedy. 

We enjoy reading books together as a family but time restraints can keep us from doing that as often as we'd like. Audio books are a big deal for our family. They provide entertainment for our trips in the car. I love that this production gives an educational twist to the entertainment. My kids both enjoy reading but there's something special about listening to an audio theater production together and the discussions that ensue. 

With Lee in Virginia is available now as a physical CD set or a download. The special bonuses we received are also available with some packages. The price is very affordable, and the materials are well worth the cost. 

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With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review
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