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Monday, July 6, 2015

A New Way to Learn Cursive

CursiveLogic is a unique cursive handwriting curriculum, and we recently had the opportunity to review it. Speedy isn't quite ready for cursive yet, but Apple has still been working to improve her handwriting in general. She was happy to be the guinea pig for the CursiveLogic Workbook. This physical workbook is intended for ages 7 all the way up to adult. The workbook is a teacher's manual and student book all in one that teaches cursive and offers plenty of practice.

CursiveLogic is very different from any other handwriting program we have tried. The unique method emphasizes 4 basic shapes of letters. The lessons are then taught using letters that fall into those shapes. The system also involves a color coding system and catch phrases to reinforce the ideas. This set up of learning letter strings, rather than individual letters, gives the student the ability to write whole words in cursive after a single lesson. Now that is some instant payoff.

For Apple, this was a great way to revisit cursive writing. Handwriting is definitely an ongoing process in our home. CursiveLogic wasn't demanding or overwhelming. We worked together on one lesson at a time. Since the lessons are presented in such a new, concise way, Apple didn't feel like it was a repeat of something she's been studying for awhile now. I look forward to using this curriculum with Speedy when he is ready for cursive. I am certain this style of learning will appeal to him. Just the repetitive verbal chants will make a huge difference for him. Apple felt like the verbal chants really helped her remember the process. The workbook even includes some dry erase pages for easy practice.

The prep time for teaching cursive this way is pretty much zero. The cost of the CursiveLogic workbook is super reasonable. The method of teaching cursive presented in this material is logical and easy to understand. I give this curriculum two thumbs up. As long as your student has a firm grasp on printing, I think they would be able to easily pick up cursive using this method. I think workbooks like this will be in higher demand as adults that didn't learn cursive in school seek out help learning it. Personally I think everyone needs to know how to read and write in cursive. I'm always amazed that some schools don't teach it. With the CursiveLogic method around, no one has an excuse not to learn!

We were given access to some great CursiveLogic practice pages and you can download them for free as well! You will be asked for an email address before the download when you click the link above. The CursiveLogic website contains lots of valuable information about this course if you would like further information.

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