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Monday, August 17, 2015

Blog Giveaways: Why Should You Enter?

Many blogs (including this one!) regularly host giveaways. There are lots of good reasons you should be entering those giveaways!

1. Free stuff- Who doesn't like free stuff? A few clicks of a mouse and you could be entered to win a small prize like a children's book or a HUGE prize like $500. The best part is you only have to enter giveaways for prizes you really want (more on this in a minute). Giveaways are usually hosted on a blog by a sponsor. This gives advertisement to the product and creates traffic for the blogger. You are helping the blogger out by entering the giveaway and you are creating a chance to get a free prize!

2. Easy peasy- Most bloggers strive to make their giveaways easy to enter. There are many fast and simple giveaway widgets to use or sometimes it can be a simple task like a comment on a post. Blog giveaways have randomly selected winners from all the valid entries. Sometimes bloggers get together to host bigger prize giveaways. These entail more ways to enter for a higher prize value. Lots of entries to blog giveaways can be a simple click or entering your email address. Some ask you to follow the blog or product on Twitter. My favorite entries are tweeting a prewritten message or doing a blog comment. They are easy and quick ways to enter.

3. Pick and Choose- You don't have to enter a giveaway for a novel you know you won't read. You can enter giveaways for items you'd like to have personally or for items you'd love to have to giveaway as a gift (one of my favorite reasons for entering a giveaway!). I like to enter for lots of different prizes especially leading up to Christmas. Our gift giving budget is very limited and no sale can beat free!

4. Easy to find- There are constantly TONS of giveaways happening online. The easiest way to find giveaways you'd like to enter is on a giveaway linkup list. Lucky for you I have a master list of such lists right on this blog! The page "Giveaway Link Up List" has loads of linkys for you to explore. I also keep a "Giveaways!!!!!" page up with the current giveaways on this blog.

I hope this will inspire you to use a few minutes of your time to enter a giveaway. Now I'm off to look for more to enter myself!

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