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Monday, August 10, 2015

Christmas Planning

It seems like every August I find myself filling up every day of the calendar with an activity straight until Christmas. Somehow when it is "back to school" season the rest of the year crashes under the weight of activities and plans. It starts out innocently enough with school plans.

I plan our school semester out in the summer with my current planner. After I've scheduled all our school days and breaks, I usually receive the soccer schedule for the kids. So then I add practices and games to our little dated squares. Of course, Hubby's ever changing schedule gets noted on there too. Next I add in scheduled field trips. Later, I will add in playdates and fun things as they come along.

Church activities take up plenty of places on our schedule as well. From service opportunities to Wednesday night classes and committee meetings, there is always something going on in the church. We do our best to attend as many of those as possible.

After all of that is put in, I begin to look at the overall picture and sweat a little. Throw in a dentist appointment and it seems as though we have something to do every day from now until January 1! Somehow we will manage to get it all ( least most of it!) finished.

All of these plans straight through the holidays remind me that I need to get an earlier jump on Christmas shopping this year. I fondly recall the days when I was finished long before Black Friday. I really am trying to do better this year. I've kept a running list of gift ideas on my phone. I've also been pinning some great ideas to Pinterest. I'm finding this to be more important now that my kids are a little older. They don't need or want as many toys. They own beaucoup movies and video games. Both are quite set in their own fashion styles and won't wear just anything. Pinterest and my list help me keep up with ideas of things they might really like so I know what to tell the people that ask for a specific idea.

So dar I've purchased 2 Christmas gifts and have ideas for lots more!

So how about you? Is your calendar bursting yet? Have you even thought about Christmas? What's your best planning tip?

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