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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Become a Super Teacher

When my kids were younger, I found awesome printables on Super Teacher Worksheets all the time. I got out of the habit of using it as a resource, but I recently received an Individual Membership to review for the Crew. I'd never tried the paid sections of the website before, so I was really excited to check it out.

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

Super Teachers Worksheets is a website with over ten thousand worksheets available to print. Some can be printed for free and others require you have an individual membership to view them. The membership is super affordable at $19.95 per year. The site is organized by subject down the left column of the page. You can also do a search to find a specific lesson or activity.

There are resources and activities for most subjects for Preschool through 5th graders. I found a few items specified for grades above 5th and I found quite a few things that were level appropriate for Apple (6th) like Integer worksheets. For each activity you find, you can view it, preview it, or save it (more on this in a minute). If it is a Common Core aligned resource or if it is offered in Spanish, that is clearly marked.

For 3rd graders (like Speedy), there are tons of choices for math, reading, spelling, and more! I started out searching the site for specific topics we are studying like plant cells and the state of Tennessee. I immediately found some worksheets to use in science and history. I printed them off and put them with lesson plans for specific days. There were 2 levels of plant cell worksheets so Apple got one and Speedy got one. The State of Tennessee map went right along with an activity they were doing for history.

Then I looked up Christopher Columbus because we are doing a special study on him right now. So many items came up! I was able to put several of them in "My File Cabinet" which is an awesome resource on the website where you can save worksheets for later. There's not a way to organize the files as you save them, but it keeps a running list of saved files for you to view whenever you need. I printed out the Christopher Columbus Character for each of the kids on cardstock. They made their own Chris while I read to them from the book we are using for our study.

The kids enjoyed making their own movable figures, and I found them acting out adventures with their Christophers later. This was the perfect activity to keep them interested in our special study. Coloring and cutting are important and fun pastimes for any age!

If you haven't seen anything interesting to you, the site even has a worksheet generator that you can use to make your own resources. I needed an activity for a specific Bible story, and I was able to make a word search in just a few minutes. It was just what I needed, and I was able to customize it to fit a story we were using and to make it age appropriate.

I am so impressed with this Individual Membership and the number of choices on Super Teacher Worksheets. You could easily use this resource to cover several subjects, like spelling, with no other curriculum. Many times I feel like a curriculum is moving too quickly past a specific lesson or skipping it altogether. With Super Teacher Worksheets, I can fill in more time on things like map skills to supplement the study we are using. While I found more resources for younger grades, this isn't a wash if you have older kids. There are some worksheets in there for those over 5th grade if you search for them. You can also generate activities and pages on your own.

If you have have younger kids, especially preschool age, this could be all you need for a full year of homeschool. Using these printable activities with some books from the library would cover all the subjects you need at that age. There are even some printable readers!

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

With puzzles, reading comprehension, holidays, grammar, math, spelling, and so much more, I think every homeschooling mom can find something useful for her kids on this site. Don't worry moms/ teachers- answer sheets are included! Just one more way they Super Teacher Worksheets makes it easy for you to be a super teacher!

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Super Teacher Worksheets Review

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