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Monday, November 2, 2015

Take Your Kids on an Adventure with the Brinkmans

Do you love to listen to exciting stories? Brinkman Adventures sent me The Brinkman Adventures: Season 3 to review and the kids couldn't wait to listen to the tales. I had heard of The Brinkman Adventures prior to receiving this season but we had never listened to any of them. If you aren't familiar with the name, these are short (about 25 minute) episodes created as radio shows. These fictional accounts tell the stories of real life missionaries in a dramatized way. The episodes also include the antics of the large Brinkman family who is fictional but also loosely based on real people.

Brinkman Adventures Season 3 Review

It was easy to jump into the stories in season 3. Now we want to go back and listen to the first seasons, but it isn't necessary to hear them in order. One of the first things we noticed about this set is that it includes a lot of stories to enjoy! The four discs kept us entertained in the car for a couple of weeks. The Brinkman family began to feel like friends after we had listened for awhile. Their funny stories sure kept us laughing!

Each episode isn't full of comedy though. The majority of these episodes are missonary stories. My kids were excited to hear some stories they had heard before and they also enjoyed the new stories they heard. The very first story told of a man who smuggled Bibles into a country that did not allow them. The kids were on the edge of their seats as they listened to the adventure. Both of them asked questions about countries who do not allow Bibles so it opened up some great discussion. The kids had heard the story of Nate Saint before but this season included more information about his son Steve Saint. We all thought it was very cool that Steve Saint played the role of himself in this audio drama. 

There were also stories of the Brinkmans helping out their neighbors and collecting money for missions. I think it is really great that these adventures include practical information about being a missionary right where you are. That's something we practice often with our family but I'm always excited when we find a type of media that supports those efforts.

The Brinkmans are a large family and it took a little time to distinguish all the characters. I still couldn't name them all! These stories are great for many ages but there are some dramatic moments in the adventures so if you have sensitive kids you might listen to them alone before sharing them with your family. My kids weren't bothered by any of the episodes.

We limit our television and movie watching with the kids. There are just so many inappropriate shows and themes out there. We prefer our kids to see and hear stories that reflect our morals and beliefs. The Brinkman Adventures certainly fit that bill. These family friendly stories were entertaining and informative. While the stories were dramatized, they piqued the interest of the kids who love to hear about missionaries and their work. I think they will enjoy hearing these stories again in the future. We like to keep a shelf of all our audiobooks on CD. When they run out of new ones or ones to check out at the library, one of kids will select an audiobook we haven't heard in awhile. Since it takes us a good 20 minutes or so to get "to town" now, we go through them pretty fast.

The Brinkman Adventures website gives more information about the creator Ian Bultman and some background on some of the stories. There is even a "Fun Stuff" tab with some behind the scenes video and some free printables.

Now we're off to listen to more of the Brinkman Adventures!

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