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Friday, December 18, 2015

Edible Crafts with Airheads Candy #AirheadsCrafts

Smiley360 sent us a generous Airheads candy review box with the mission to make an edible craft using the candy. I am not such a crafty person, and I felt a bit intimidated by some of the other crafts I saw online! While our Airheads edible craft may not be a work of art, our end result tasted great and we had a lot of fun!

We decided to make a Christmas tree cake. We used a chocolate cake base with mint chocolate frosting (soooo good!). Once the cake had baked and cooled, we put on the frosting and got to work. Apple and Speedy did the majority of the work decorating this cake.

Step 1: We got together all of our decorating tools and all the Airheads candies. I drew the outline of a Christmas tree with green frosting.

Step 2: Apple & Speedy took turns filling in the tree outline with green frosting. As they worked they also began cutting shapes out of the traditional Airheads and discussing the colors and shapes they wanted to make.

Step 3: We used Airheads Extremes to make garland around our tree. We cut an orange Airhead to make the stump.

Step 4: Both kids really enjoyed making little presents to go under the tree. They also used Airheads Bites as ornamental balls on the tree.

Step 5: They finished the decorating and placing all their presents on the cake. We attempted several times to make a star for the top but were unsuccessful so we used an Airheads Extreme to make a bow.

The kids had such a good time with this mission, and it ended with eating a big piece of cake! Which was delicious. I probably wouldn't have thought of using Airheads to make edible crafts but now I know they work great! The original Airheads are big and pliable so they can be used to make shapes and presents. The Airheads Extremes worked great as lines. Apple said they'd make a great rainbow craft. The bites were just the right size for ornaments, and I know several others on the mission used the circles for eyes and other round objects. We've enjoyed eating Airheads for a long time and now we will be thinking up other edible crafts to make with them!

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