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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Girly Workout Gloves #RIMSports

Sometimes having the right gear is just the boost you need to get your workout finished. RIMSports sent me a pair of Women's Fitness Gloves to review. These half finger gloves come in several color choices. I picked purple because it's my favorite!

I really need to get back into a routine for the New Year. I'm ready to let go of the things I've tried in the past and take a new approach to my health. My main goals are eating better (pray I can let go of soda!) and increasing my physical activity. These gloves will protect my hands while lifting weights or hanging from the chin up bar (cause I've NEVER been able to do a chin up!). Maybe next year I will be able to climb the wall in the obstacle course...

These RIMSports gloves are snug and lightweight. They are tough in all the right places with breathable materials in the other areas. They are cute and fit well. I got a small because I have tiny hands. The package included a size chart that I didn't see when ordering on Amazon. According the the chart I should have ordered a Medium. The smalls fit but are a bit snugger than I'd like.

If you are looking for fitness gloves that will cheer you up with a bright color, check out RIMSports!

I got mine free from Tomoson in exchange for review. 

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