And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children. Isaiah 54:13 KJV

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Great Devotionals for the New Year with a Giveaway

My kids have really been enjoying some of the Bible studies we've worked on in 2015. Both miss doing regular daily devotions. They were in such a routine of doing them as a part of their school work. I wanted to get them something to start in January so this was the perfect time to do a Tommy Mommy review!

Max Lucado originally wrote Grace for the Moment for adults. Later Grace for the Moment : 365 Devotions for Kids was developed. With these devotions together, there is a devotion for every day of the year with an adult version and a children's version. The devotions are each so well written and then so well pared down to the child's version.

For example, June 11 is titled "Who's in Charge?" in each book. The adult devo focuses on our personal agenda and jealousy. The child's version addresses the same topics but is focuses on real life issues that kids face. Both version begin with the same Bible verse. Each day the kid's devo includes a "Growing in Grace" section to help the reader take the thoughts of the devotion a little further.

Both kids (8 and 10) have spent some time looking at their version. Both are excited to start this in January, and they don't even mind sharing one book! I'm excited because I know God can really speak to my family when we are all on the same page starting first thing each morning. My version is going right on my desk so I can't miss it each day.

You can see a preview of the adult and kid versions. You can also enter here to win a free copy of each! One winner will be randomly selected after the giveaway ends on 12.19.2015. That winner will receive a copy of Grace for the Moment and Grace for the Moment: 365 Devotions for Kids. Enter now via the Giveaway Tools widget.


  1. we have our worship time in the morning. Right now we are studying thru Daniel in the Bible with a book by Seth Pierce.

  2. I would have to say daily for about 20 minutes

  3. I am not the best at having a set time. I hope to change that. We do devotions about 3 times a week.
    Sherri J

  4. Ours is usually after dinner several days per week.

  5. We have devotional time in the mornings before we start school. Then we read the Bible as a family at night. We usually read through a book (we just finished Exodus a few days ago), sing and pray. I make it a priority!

  6. We have what I call Bible time right before we move into our lesson time. We gather around the coffee table in the living room. We sing an opening song, pray, do the pledge to the Bible, sing the B-I-B-L-E and march around the dining room, then come back to sing and dance to "This is the Day the Lord has Made." We have used different books during this time, but right now, I am up in the air on what we are going to use after finishing our current book.

  7. We don't have a routine.No we don't have a specific time of day or spot

  8. We like to read devotional style books all through the day.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  9. no we really dont have a special time or place


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