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Thursday, December 31, 2015

The End of the Dreamtreaders Trilogy

War for the Waking World is the final book in the Dreamtreaders trilogy by Wayne Thomas Batson. Apple was thrilled when it arrived for us to review. She's been waiting for quite some time for this book as she read the first book, Dreamtreaders, way back in June of 2014. She enjoyed the second book, Search for the Shadow Key, at the beginning of 2015.

She had this to say about this final book in the series:

"I like the idea of being able to control things in a dream. I like this final book because the emotions people felt were real in the Rift. It seems like that is really how the world would be if the Rift really happened. I think other kids would like this book because it was easy to understand."

The whole concept of this series was very intriguing. I was curious after books 1 & 2 how it would all come to a close and I think Batson did a great job of wrapping up the series. In this book, Archer is no longer trying to stop the Rift between the real world and the dream world because the Rift has already happened. People are unaware of the Rift because it seems like everything is good. The other two Dreamtreaders are called on to try to stop the Rift because Archer is summoned to court. 

Apple was sad this was the end of the Dreamtreaders story. She is looking forward to reading more Batson books in the future. I received this book free for review from BookLook bloggers. 

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