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Monday, January 25, 2016


M is for machines. Or Maytag machines because I got a new washer and dryer set recently! Hooray for that! Our dryer went out and since it has been repaired several times, we decided it was time to buy our first ever brand new, matching washer and dryer.

It was fun going and looking at all the different types of machines that are available. One child had a grand time opening and closing EVERY SINGLE WASHER AND DRYER in the store. Since our laundry room is set up where a washer and dryer cannot be placed side by side, I was very interested in the machines that wash and dry. Actually the store we were in had one at a very reasonable price. In the end, I was too worried that it wouldn't work correctly. I may regret not choosing that one, but I am very pleased with the models we selected. I also went in knowing I didn't want a front load washer. I've heard too many stories of leaks and stinky washers. We did enjoy looking at all the different choices though.

We picked the Maytag Centennial set based on price and size. We had been using a washer that was too small to do blankets or comforters efficiently. I believe this one will hold a light comforter when needed and it will definitely do blankets. The impeller instead of an agitator gave us even more room, but I know we will need to carefully balance loads. This is also our first HE washer. I'm excited at the prospect of a washer that uses less water and energy. Since we do 1-2 loads of laundry every day, it is important to save where we can!

I didn't receive any compensation for this post. I just wanted to share my M for Machines excitement with you! It seems much more fun than my other ideas (Mom, Math, Malice, Marketing, Monday). I will also be linking up with Through the Calm and Through the Storm and Adventures with Jude for Blogging Through the Alphabet.

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  1. We recently got a new washer/dryer set. I was happier than if it was Christmas. My mom and I have both agreed that we could live without almost any "modern" appliance, but you'll take our washers over our cold, dead bodies.

  2. It's amazing how something like a new washer and dryer can be exciting, isn't it? I remember when we bought ours a couple of moves ago! Hope the new set works out well for you! I also know how nice it is having one that will do comforters and blankets (and sleeping bags!).


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