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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sisters on the Trail of a Mystery {Review}

We received a brand new FaithGirlz book to review. Award winner Natalie Grant has started a series of books for tween girls. The books focus on the Glimmer Girls who are 3 sisters with a Mom who is a singer. Two of the sisters are twins. This echoes Grant's real life where she has twin daughters and another daughter. The first book of the series is London Art Chase.

Twins Mia and Maddie are in London with little sister Lulu and their parents. Their nanny Miss Julia is along for the trip to care for the girls while their parents are preparing for concerts in the big city. The girls each have a unique personality, and this book begins with Maddie working hard to figure out how she fits into the family. The girls spend some time with their family and then set off on some adventures with Miss Julia. Along the way they find themselves in a real life mystery, and Maddie feels compelled to solve it. 

This book has a fun storyline about adventures in London. The mystery is intriguing and each character is unique. The characters pray and there are other Christian references scattered throughout the book. The parents seem to be loving and involved. However the attitudes of the three girls were less than desirable. There are multiple incidences of disobedience and even backtalk. I felt uncomfortable as I was reading each of those sections. While the nanny and/ or the parents addressed some of the behavior, no real consequences ever occured. There was talk of an overall consequence towards the end of the book, but it felt flat. I hope that future books in the series will include better behavior from Mia, Maddie, and Lulu.

Apple's review:

"I really like how she sort of related it to her own life based on the biography on the back of the book. I also liked that it wasn't "perfect" and showed the family having fights and stuff. Just like happens in real life. I also liked how unique each of the sisters were. It really explained them, and I could actually imagine meeting them. I really liked the mystery and the way the story went. I think kids a tad bit younger would really like the story. I can think of younger boys and girls that would like this story. I really like that Natalie Grant doesn't stick with just one thing. She sings and now she's writing books, and she's started an organization to help victims of hman trafficking. I really enjoyed the character Maddie because she likes art and I like art. I could relate to the things she was scared about, but I'm glad she had courage to try new things. I hope I can be more like that."

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