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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

6th Grade Literature Studies #classicaleducation

We received the Sixth Grade Literature Guide Set from Memoria Press to review. This big bundle included teacher's manuals and student literature guides for four books. Apple wanted to start with King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table or Robin Hood, but I was unable to find those in the local library. We did find The Door in the Wall and Adam of the Road! All 4 of the books are available for purchase separately from Memoria Press.

Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

She started with The Door in the Wall so we made sure we completed one full lit study before the review. It is a short book so she was able to complete it in just a couple of weeks. She had never read the book by Marguerite De Angeli. She found she really enjoyed the book from 1949 about a boy named Robin who intended to become a knight but was unable to do so. The literature guide was easy to complete. It was broken into 7 lessons with a midterm and a final exam. Each lesson includes reading notes, vocabulary, comprehension questions, quotations, discussion questions, and enrichment. These lessons are thorough and could easily take up to a week to complete. We chose to do one per day. Reading is Apple's very favorite subject, and she struggles to put a book down. One lesson per day was as slow as I could get her to go.

Apple's favorite part of each lesson was the enrichment section. Many times the task included drawing a picture or writing a story or letter. Those are little projects that make my creative child happy. She had no problems answering the regular comprehension questions although I often needed to remind her that the instructions asked for answers in full sentences. She was able to complete all of the components independently except the discussion questions. I had her answer those orally.

The Adam of the Road study guide is broken into an introduction, lesson for each of the 23 chapters, 5 quizzes, and a final exam. It also includes a couple of maps and some short material on poetry. Apple was able to get started on this study and has enjoyed it just as much. The Robin Hood study begins with the prologue and goes all the way through the epilogue. It also includes a short poetry lesson. It has an extensive glossary and 5 quizzes with a final test. The study for King Arthur is broken into books and then into chapters. There is a special page on the family tree of King Arthur. Like the other 3 studies, there are quizzes and a final exam included as well as some poetry.

I wish the quizzes, midterm, and final exam were in the student book. My teacher's guide got written in! It was an accident of course, but it would make sense to me for those to be in the student book with their other activities. I appreciate that even the answers to the discussion questions are included in the teacher's guides. I am not reading these books along with her, and I'm unfamiliar with some of the stories. Having the answers laid out saved me time. Some of the guides we received indicated they were 5th grade on the back rather than 6th grade. I'm not certain if Memoria Press has recently adjusted their grade levels or if we simply received misprinted covers. It made no impact on the studies.

Overall, I think these are great study guides. They measure the student's comprehension while encouraging them to think a little deeper about the stories. The guides are full studies without being too intense. Apple has used other literature guides that gave her an exhausting amount of writing to do. These Memoria Press guides were not like that at all, and she appreciated that! She truly loves to read and grueling lit guides can take away from her enjoyment of a book. I think the reading notes and extra vocabulary study helped her take more away from these stories.

Memoria Press offers literature guides for grades 1-10 and many of them can be purchased in sets similar to the one we received. I appreciate that they also offer each component independently. Since Apple is a bit of a speed reader, I am very selective about purchasing literature material for her. Purchasing a grade level of 4 guides wouldn't make a whole year's curriculum for her. However, students who linger in their books a bit longer could certainly stretch these studies out.

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Memoria Press Literature Guides Review
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  1. Thanks for your review! I agree about the quizzes and tests being moved! I totally forgot to say that in our review. LOL


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