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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Create a Central Charging Station #intelliARMOR

This past week was our Spring Break. The kids mostly breaked, while I tried to catch up on as much as possible. A large chunk of the week was spent going through clothes and working on spring cleaning. A big problem we have is losing all the phone chargers. And the tablet chargers. And the MP3 chargers. The list goes on.

So I was quite excited to receive an intelliARMOR 4-port USB charger to review through Tomoson. I was able to use it to set up one central location in the living room with 4 separate chargers. Now the kids devices will be plugged in where we can see them, no one will complain that they don't have a charger, and none of them should get lost!

I may get a second one soon for my office area because I'm so thrilled with this one! Do you think you could use a charger like this? It even fold up to take on the go! You can get 20% off with the code "SmartPwr". Check them out here:

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