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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Girly Guide to Fun

Apple always gets excited when we receive FaithGirlz books for review. The latest one is 101 Ways to Have Fun. This colorful book is split into 9 chapters to help your tween bust boredom. 

The 101 ideas are split into 9 chapters. The chapters make it easy for the reader to look for active ideas, businesses to try, throwing a party or sleepover, getting crafty, and more! The ideas range from the obvious to unique and creative. 

The book reminded me of some of the magazines I read when I was about Apple's age. A few little quizzes and lots of fun things to do with friends. The ideas are innocent and fun. Some are a bit unrealistic for everyday life, but maybe they will spark a realistic idea for your girl!

Apple had this to say:

"I really like all the things in there. Some of them I imagine I could do, but others I don't think I could do. One thing that could have made it better would have been more things that you didn't have to buy stuff for. I wish more of the ideas used things from around the house. My favorite idea was styling a one minute centerpiece. There were a lot of cute ideas but that one was my favorite because you got to use candy! All in all, it is a good book and I'd recommend it to all of my friends."

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