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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hospitality Update

I had all these great expectations for February. It *should* be our slowest month of the year. There's no baseball. There's no soccer. There aren't any birthdays in our immediate family. We should have had lots of free time to have company over and really invest in my word of 2016. Yea....expectations vs. reality again. People we had in our home in February= 2.

My parents came over for Sunday lunch a few times. That's it. No one else. Hubby was on second shift, and it's hard to invite folks over when he won't be home. Also February was just hard. I'm thankful we haven't endured the sicknesses that so many others have, but we have just been on go the whole month. It was a month with a never ending to do list. I have high hopes for March.

I haven't given up on my goal. It just seems like it will be harder than I expected. This month Speedy will begin baseball practice. We have several family birthdays in March. There will be lots of reviews coming to the blog! In general, we will be busy. Again. However I'm working on a list today of potential dates and times we can have folks over. Hey birthday sleepovers count as hospitality, right?

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