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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Menu Plan with Shopping List

At the beginning of the year, I started looking for a great printable to use for menu planning. I wanted something very simple that wouldn't use a ton of ink. I found many free printables out there but none that were exactly what I wanted. I have tried several apps on my phone and I've found I really prefer paper. I also needed something that would give me a place for all 3 meals in a day plus snacks.

I spent some time creating and tweaking my own. I made one sheet that could serve as a place to menu plan for a week and keep a grocery list. I've worked on the list since January and now I'm ready to share it with you! This is a very basic black and white single sheet. It may be just what you've been wanting or it might give you an idea to create your own weekly menu planner.

I've been sitting down sometime during the week and creating the menu for the following week. I fill in all the items I need to purchase from the store and put the sheet in my purse or on a clipboard to carry to the store with me. I also use the blank back to jot down recipes I may want to try for that week. You could also print those straight on the back!

This list has really helped me stay organized the first couple of months of the year. Baseball season is gearing up now so I will need to adjust for evenings that we won't be at home as much. I've been keeping all my used menu plans in a folder. I think it will be easy to go back through them for ideas and even grocery ideas as the year goes on. I do mark through my groceries as I pick them up at the store but I can still read most of the items.

I created the menu in Google docs so I could easily share it with you! Carter Chaos Menu Plan with Shopping List

Do you menu plan? What's your favorite meal to put on the list?

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