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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Our Favorite Ways to Study the World Around Us

We are now on Week #3 of the 2016 Virtual Curriculum Fair. The theme this week is Exploring Our World: Social Studies and More Science. Big thanks to the hosts and planners of this event! Make sure you check out the posts at the bottom!

I really like social studies. I even won an award in high school for most social studies credits (or something like that!). It is an area where we try to have a base program to study throughout the school year, but I feel like my kids really learn and absorb the most history from outside reading and even some tv shows and movies.

On the other hand, science has never really been my thing. Again we have a base curriculum each year. The kids both really enjoy science, but they really learn science when they are doing fun activities with my science loving husband.

We have explored a solid mix of programs for both subjects. We took this year to study Tennessee history. I remember studying it myself in the 4th grade. Since the kids are in 3rd and 6th, it seemed like a good time for them to collectively learn about the history of our state. I found a few options for TN history but I ended up purchasing Notgrass Exploring Tennessee. It has been a solid curriculum for this year. There are things we have really like about it and things that I would have liked to have seen done differently. If money was no option, we would have spent the year exploring the state on our own. I think that would have been the most fun and rewarding!

Last year we used Mystery of History Vol. 1. The kids really enjoyed it and so did I. We've also spent some time with Project Passport World History Study: The Middle Ages. The kids LOVED that one. It is a LOT of printing and cutting so it wasn't particularly my favorite but they enjoyed it so much.

I haven't really made my decision for the fall yet. We have so many resources on our shelves that I'm trying very hard not to purchase anything we don't absolutely need for 2016-2017. I'm hoping to utilize our membership more. I think using it along with some books, like Heroes of History from YWAM, may be our path.

For science this year, we went through Apologia's Exploring Botany set. The kids enjoyed learning all about plants and trees. Botany is normally done in earlier grades but somehow we skipped it along the way! The kids have had a couple of years of zoology using different methods. They even disected a frog in a co-op! They've also worked through a beginning anatomy as well as astronomy. I recently won a copy of Christian Kids Explore Physics. I'm excited to start it in the fall! I think the kids will really like the projects and learning about the Periodic Table. Apple has had a Periodic Table poster in her room for awhile now.

What are your favorite history and science programs? Do you like one or both of those subjects?

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  1. I never tried Mystery of History. My Sister in Law uses it. I already owned Tapestry of Grace when I learned about MOH. Too expensive to buy when I already had expensive material I could use. Would try it if I were in younger years, but we're almost done with our home schooling years at this point.


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