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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Total Language Arts

I was not at all familiar with Logic of English when I received Essentials 2nd Edition to review. I had heard the name Logic of English but really had no clue what it was all about. When the great big package arrived, I was very excited that Speedy would have an opportunity to try it.

Logic of English Essentials is divided into 3 levels. A, B, and C are all covered in this one set. My set came with Volume 1 of the Essentials Teacher's Manual and Student Guide, a Spelling Journal, Phonogram Game Tiles, Flash Cards, Phonogram Game Cards, Spelling Analysis Card, and Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference. I must admit it was a bit overwhelming unpacking it all!

Logic of English Review
I felt better about it when I realized this curriculum set covers reading, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar. All that makes the very hefty teacher's manual worth it! Speedy had not done anything formal with phonics in about 2 years. I gave him the pre-test (several of them are located in the teacher's manual to help you find the place to start your child/children), and he was right where I thought he'd be in Level B. 

After he took the pre-test, I had to spend a few days with the teacher's manual on my own. I didn't want to miss any important components. I also needed to organize all the parts and flash cards. I still don't have a great solution, but rubber bands and a plastic tub are working for now.

This is a very teacher involved study, but everything is laid out for you 100%. You can read directly from the teacher's manual or put it into your own words. Since this was all new for us, reading directly from the book has worked well for me. As you are going through the lessons, parts are marking "All", "A", "B", or "C". You only need to cover the sections appropriate for the student. 

There are 15 units covered in Volume 1, and it is meant to last a semester. It is set up as 5 lessons per unit. Since we only do seat work 4 days per week, I combined 2 of the shorter lessons each week. It was no trouble to do so. If I was starting this at the very beginning of a semester, I'd probably do one lesson per day, and it would still work out.

Essentials is based on phonics. Logic of English uses phonograms as the foundation for learning reading, vocabulary and spelling. As the students work through those lessons, grammar is incorporated. It is a unique approach that I really like. Since we had been away from phonics for some time, it was a bumpy first two weeks. However since then it has been smooth sailing. 

The lessons use the morpheme cards, basic phonogram flash cards, spelling rule flash cards, advanced phonogram flash cards, and grammar flash cards to teach the lessons. The teacher's manual lets you know exactly which ones you will need for each lesson. Some of those flash cards along with the included game cards are used to play fun games to solidify the lesson. Speedy has never been so happy to do grammar! 

Logic of English really does bring an element of fun to the lessons which is great for an 8 year old boy. The day he got to play "basketball" with scraps of paper where he'd written his spelling words might have been his favorite school lesson ever. He is attentive during the lessons because it is broken up into short segments using different features of the program. We are constantly going from flash cards to the student book to the spelling journal to a game and back to flash cards. Who could get bored with all that going on? Even with all the components, each day's lesson and work is relatively short. It is very comparable to the grammar program we were using before and this INCLUDES spelling and vocabulary.

Speedy has always spelled words the way they sound to him. All the spelling rules are already improving his independent spelling because now he is learning WHY we use different letters at different times. He's done very well with this program, and he's making excellent scores on his activities and weekly "quiz". This program is definitely set up for the student to excel. 

Before we received Essentials, I honestly wondered how different this program could be from anything else we've tried. I was very pleasantly surprised. I feel like this method really works for Speedy, and I think the lessons will stick with him. He loves the games, and I love the idea of several subjects combined into one. Apple has been listening in on many of our lessons, and she's even remarked that she has learned from listening to the spelling rules he's getting. I think with 3 included levels, many larger families would truly benefit from this as a basis for grammar. Since additional students only need their own workbook and spelling journal, it could certainly be a budget saver and a sanity saver!

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  1. I agree that this is different from other programs but does help to teach at a different level. I saw an improvement in spelling as well.


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