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Monday, March 28, 2016


I have really enjoyed Blogging Through the Alphabet with Throught the Calm and Through the Storm and Adventures with Jude. It's hard to believe we are already up to "V"! I hope you've enjoyed my very random posts so far. If they do another round (I hope! I hope! I hope!), I may try to work on a theme. Or not. I tend to be pretty random in life. But not as random as my friend Random Randa. But I digress...

So this week we are on V. I thought it would be nice to tie in a hospitality update with visitors since we are nearing the end of March. End of the 3rd month of the year, and I have yet to meet my goal of 1 planned act of hospitality per month. Woohoo!

However, we have had people in our home! My parents are still regularly joining us for Sunday lunch. That gives me an opportunity to cook large, mostly from scratch meals and enjoy them as a family. Also Hubby can usually join us even if it is a work day for him.

It was Apple's birthday month, and she has taken advantage by having 3 sleepovers! That isn't a normal occurence for us. When we first moved into our home, both kids went over the top with having friends stay the night. After a full summer month of constant sleepovers, I instituted a long sleepover hiatus. I have relented for the sake of birthday month but hopefully they will chill out for a few months until summer rolls back around. Apple had a bedroom redo for her birthday so it was hard to tell her she couldn't have friends over to enjoy all the teal awesomeness!

We also had several different friends dropin throughout the month. I enjoy the dropin more these days. I've *tried* to stick to a regular cleaning schedule so the house is typically presentable. It's nice to do something a little unexpected sometimes. Hopefully some friends will be moving closer soon so maybe the dropins will happen more often!

So those were our visitors for the month of March. How are you doing on your word of the year?

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  1. I also chose "Visitors" as my "v" word this week! I am not a fan of sleepovers, either! {Unless it's my kids going to their grandparents, ha!}


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