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Friday, April 8, 2016

Chonda Live

I had the joy of seeing Chonda Pierce live! It was such a fun experience to go to a nearby church and see her show live. I received a boxed set of her DVDs a few months ago for review. I really enjoyed seeing her shows on DVD, but it was so much better in person!

I got to enjoy the show with my mom, a friend, and her mom. We had great seats. I saw several other friends in the crowd and got to catch up with one during the break. The show was almost twice as long as we had expected it to be! We actually had to sneak out a little early, so I could make it home before Hubby headed out to work.

The jokes were hilarious! There's nothing like laughter to help me relax. Chonda does get serious at times, but I think she has a great ministry with her humor and candidness. If Chonda Pierce is coming to your town, I highly recommend seeing her show for a fun ladies' night out.

I was not compensated for this post. Just wanted to share a good experience!

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