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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Moisturizing the Mama Feet #naturalbodycare

Winter is gone, and we are left with dry skin. Just in the nick of time Devonian sent me a bottle of GREEMU Beauty Oil for review. This cruelty free oil mocks emu oil with all natural plant based ingredients. This 4 oz bottle packs a big punch! It is distributed by Koru Naturals.

The recommendations for this oil were to use it on the face or hair. I have hair that can be very oily and skin that can be very oily so I was hesitant to use it in that way. I did try it on my face once. I wasn't a big fan of it. While it wasn't an overly oily experience, I did feel like my face was shiny most of the day. I do use oils on my hair occasionally but generally as a finishing product so I never gave this a try on the tresses. I tried it on some dry spots Apple had on her skin. It was very moisturizing on those spots and didn't cause any issues with her sensitive skin. Her skin issues tend to come and go so I needed to figure out a way to regularly utilize it during my review period but what to do? I decided my poor, dry mama feet could use some oil!

Just about every night I have been rubbing a dab of this oil on the soles of each foot. This oil is odorless and fairly light for an oil. It has a slight color to it and a little bit goes a long way. So I put some on my feet before bed each night and put on socks. I'm not a big fan of sleeping in socks, but I figured it was the best routine. Plus it was a double benefit because my hands got moisturized each night as well. I could tell a difference in my feet in less than a week. Over a few weeks time with regular use, my feet have shown great improvement. I mean they're still mama feet and have some dryness to them, but they aren't too scary for flip flops! Using it this way, this small green bottle will last me a long time. I do think I will have to consistently apply it to keep the benefits going. I wish the bottle was a pump. I've made the bottle all oily opening and closing it during use. 

This little bit is more than enough for one
foot and ankle area. 

Nobody really wants to see my feet but
I felt obligated to show you my results. :)

Emu oil is recommended for many uses. GREEMU oil is a plant based formula that is similar in composition. The ingredients include familar names like Macadamia Seed Oil and Shea Butter. It can be used on hair and skin. Since this is a plant based cruelty free oil there is no compromise for vegans looking for beauty products. Apple is an animal lover and was happy to hear that no animals are harmed or used for this product. I think this would be a great alternative product for emu oil users based on my experience with GREEMU. 

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  1. Your feet look great! Show them off. I might sacrifice some for my feet. They look like I've been walking in the dessert for 1000 years.

  2. This really helps my feet, too! I wasn't brave enough to put a picture, though. Good for you! :-)


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