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Monday, April 11, 2016

Toolbox for Parents {Review} #8SimpleTools #FlyBy

If you've been a parent for any length of time, you know there are times you need help! Sometimes it just feels like nothing is working, or you feel like your household is spiraling out of control. Clinical child psychologist, Dr. Todd Cartmell, has written 8 Simple Tools for Raising Great Kids to help through those tough times and to help you have a solid family plan in place to avoid some of those times.

He has broken these 8 common parenting tools down into shorter chapters. He did this purposefully so even the busiest parent can find a few minutes to read a short chapter at a time. It was a quick read and one I can see myself returning to again and again. None of his 8 concepts were unusual but he presented them in a fresh way with some different perspective. The book also includes a summary of tips at the end for quick reference.

The book gives practical examples like 5 phrases to teach your kids to help them learn flexibility and an outline of a "Respect Thermometer". I appreciate that he gave advice and some genuine ideas for solutions. Sometimes parenting books can do a lot of preaching without giving any advice. This isn't one of those.

As I was reading, I worried a few times that he was expecting people to become perfect parents. However later in the book he mentions several times that these tools are the goal and that everyone will make mistakes or have bad days. I appreciate that candor, and it left me feeling more open to his suggestions.

In one portion of the book, he discusses "practicing" obedience with your kids. He gives an example of a child bringing in their backpack and placing it in the proper place over and over. My mom LOVED to employ this method on me, my stepsisters, and even my husband (when we were dating). Opening and closing the door properly (without slamming), sitting on the furniture (without falling onto it), and other lessons will always stick with us. Practicing can be an effective method!

Parents this is a helpful little guide to keep around for inspiration. As a special thank you to my readers, you can save 50% off this book from April 15, 2015- May 15, 2016 at Moody Publishers. Just use the code "GREATKIDS16". You will also receive access to the Hearts at Home "Essential Workshop Collection for Parents" with every purchase.

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