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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mess Free Art Makes Mama Happy

Art is messy. The Pencil Grip, Inc company made non-messy Kwik Stix just for people like me, and they sent me some to review! The Kwik Stix 12 pk are vibrantly colored solid tempera paint sticks. These non- toxic paints work on a variety of mediums and don't require water or brushes. The sticks dry quickly and come with caps to ensure that there are no messes.

My kids still manage to get markers all over themselves when coloring. So far they haven't gotten any paint on themselves using the Kwik Stix. Both children have commented how easy the Kwik Stix are to use. Apple has made replicas of famous art using art paper. She has also used regular computer paper to make colorful fish. She's had these paint sticks out several times a week using them for one purpose or another. Speedy has used them a few times and has enjoyed them. He's not a big fan of messes either so these may inspire him to do more art!

This kid would be happy to paint and do art everyday. Definitely didn't get that from me!

The Kwik Stix 12 pc set we received came with white, yellow, orange, red, pink, light green, green, blue, dark blue, purple, brown, and black. Kwik Stix are also available in neon and metalix sets.

Apple says, "I like them, but I wish the tip was thinner so I could do more detail work. I really like how vibrant they are, and I'd like to try the other colors. I think I'd really like the metalix set."

I gave one a try. It's a lot like a tube of lip balm. The tube is larger, but it is the same concept for rolling up the stick. When you finish painting, you can roll it back down and recap it for easy storage. The design would make it very easy for younger children to grip. It really does take less than 90 seconds to dry! It also didn't bleed through on a regular piece of paper. I tend to be very sensitive to smells and the Kwik Stik did not bother me. If you stick it up to your nose then you can smell a light scent. I didn't smell it at all while I was using it or while the kids were using theirs. No mess, easy to use, no overwhelming smell, dries fast- even I could like art like that!

Don't mistake it for lipstick! 

About as fancy as my art gets!

I keep thinking these Kwik Stix would be PERFECT for Sunday School classes and co-op classes. Usually thinking about the mess will keep me from pulling out paint with a group of kids. With these there would be no worry about a mess and no need to tell parents to send their children in old clothes or with an extra t-shirt. The kids wouldn't even need paint brushes! This would make craft time so much fun without extra stress!

The Pencil Grip, Inc was generous enough to include one of The Pencil Grip Original grips along with a pen and an extra Kwik Stix. I have an odd pencil hold and both of my children have similar holds. Apple has messy handwriting but it is legible, so I haven't worried with her's too much. Speedy's handwriting needs loads of improvement. I've bought other grip aids, but he hasn't liked any of them. The minute the one arrived from The Pencil Grip, Inc, he took it and has used it daily! Thank you to the company for including that extra freebie!

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  1. These so sound neat but I could see my boys being frustrated that they weren't able to do fine line and detail work as well.


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