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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A World of Books {Review}

Give Your Child the World: Raising Globally Minded Kids One Book at a Time by Jamie C. Martin is a catalog of books that can introduce your child to other places and cultures. I was so excited to receive this recently for a review item from BookLook bloggers. I'm always looking for books for my kids. Not only do we often need books to enhance our homeschool studies, but both children really have a love for reading.

It didn't take long for Apple to begin running out of age appropriate books. I'd say she had been reading less than 2 years when I started to feel the strain of finding books that challenged her but included only appropriate material. With much prayer over the years, God has sent us some amazing librarians and friends to make suggestions at just the right times. I've found that blogs, Pinterest, and other social media outlets can also be a treasure when looking for new books for Apple and Speedy. When I begin to read about this new book from Jamie C. Martin, I found myself intrigued.

The author was a world traveler before having children. She does still enjoy taking her family on trips, but she has found that motherhood has a way of keeping us closer to home. She wanted to give her children a view of our world and people so she began compiling a list of books. Thus this book emerged. It includes lists broken into geographical areas and then split by age range. The book is well written and well organized. It's a book that I want to doggy ear and highlight in and write on as I use the list for my family. She poses the question, "How do you give your children the world in your home?" and includes answers from people all over the world. I loved reading these but kept expecting them to be in natural breaks among the list. Instead they are randomly scattered.

I was excited to see some books on the lists that my kids have already read or even have on their bookshelves. I was even happier to see many books and authors that we aren't familiar with. I feel like I have a book to keep in our library bag to help us find new books and exciting places to explore. The organization of this book also makes it perfect for homeschool moms. It will be so easy to enhance unit studies or geography lessons with these books that include some fiction and some non-fiction.

What's your favorite children's/ tween book about another culture?

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