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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Coloring Wonderland

Apple enjoys all things artistic including "adult" coloring books. When we got the chance to review one inspired by Alice in Wonderland, she was very excited. Amily Shen created Wonderland a very interesting coloring book with scenes inspired by the original book.

This 80 page book is more than intricate coloring pages. It also contains some activities, and it tells a little Alice-esque story. The book comes with a dust cover and is divided into 9 chapters. All of the pages include detailed pictures to color. Apple has had a wonderful time getting started in this coloring book.

She prefers coloring pencils to get the level of detail she wants on these pages. With so many lovely pictures to color, Wonderland should keep her busy for awhile making it a great summer activity. With the recent release of a new Alice in Wonderland movie, this adult coloring book is very timely. She's already had several friends squeal over it. Ya know...tween girls= squealing.

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