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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hey Mama! Time to Plan! #schoolplanner

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The Old Schoolhouse now has the Hey Mama! Print Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 in a pre-printed version, and they were kind enough to send me one to review. Y'all know I love, love, love planners! They make me so happy. I couldn't wait for this planner to arrive.

The Hey Mama! planner is 192 pages spiral bound with front and back covers. The planning portion of the book begins with one page calendars for 2016, 2017, and 2018. The "meat" of the planner covers July 2016- June 2017. There is a page of encouragement, a page for notes, and a 2 page calendar for each of those months. I'm just getting started with this planner, but I used the calendar pages to set our schedule. I marked out the portion of our 180 days on those pages and numbered each school day. We are working through the summer this school year so I wasn't able to fully plan our May & June days. For the months included though, I was able to mark down holidays and special events. I plan to use the note pages for lesson ideas, book suggestions, and field trip ideas.

Following the monthly pages are 36 weeks worth of planning pages. Interspersed with the planning pages are several encouragement pages. Those Hey Mama! pages are randomly inserted to give you little pep talks. They also include a little history lesson on an old tool like an iron or pitchfork. The 36 week planning pages are very generic so you can customize them to work before for you. The 2 page spread has a place to write in the week and then the main table includes 6 columns and 8 rows. I used my columns for days of the week and my rows for subjects. There are tons of ways to do this differently. With the format I selected, I am able to write in plans for each child for each subject under the proper day of the week. 

Make sure you always use pencil so you can make changes! I'm not even finished yet, and I'm going to need to go through and make some changes. Apple is going to be taking some outside classes on Wednesdays in the fall & spring so I will need to adjust her schedule to allow for those. She's excited and so am I! I'm glad I didn't get too far into my planning though so I won't have to change much. I really like the 36 week planning pages, but I wish more were included! As I said we are working through the summer and spreading out our 180 days this time. I could have used several more planning pages. 

There are a few ways to rectify this issue if the Hey Mama! printed planner is your primary planner. You can split your weekly planner boxes so that you fit more than one week on a page. I did this for the very last planner page because I needed just one more week for the period I was planning. This will only work for a small number of students or lessons. You can make copies of the pages you need and stick them in your planner or attach them with a paper clip or stapler. The Hey Mama! planner originated on as a digital download. The new 2016-2017 planner is there for members along with several printable student planners. If you need more of any of the pages in the planner, you could print them from the website and add them to your printed planner. 

I know the goal of buying a printed planner is not to need to print more pages but the Hey Mama! 2016-2017 planner is only $29 right now for U.S. customers!!! That is a very low price compared to other planner so it's worth it to print a few pages. Pssst....for a limited time The Old Schoolhouse is offering the Hey Mama! printed 2016-2017 planner to my U.S. readers for only $19! How awesome is that?!?!? Use the coupon "CREWCODE" at checkout to take advantage of the $10 off savings! The coupon is good through July 15, 2016. The Hey Mama! printed planner is available to international customers for a higher price. 

Coupon Code Hey Mama Planner 2016 2017

The Hey Mama! planner doesn't stop with the weekly planning pages. There are also pages in the back to plan monthly, semester, and yearly goals, to keep attendance for up to 5 children, for book logs, and curriculum planning sheets. The Curriculum Planning Sheets are so much more efficient than my printed list of random books and resources! The planner continues with a homeschool contact list and 12 pages of educational content like timelines and writing prompts. The planner ends with record keeping pages like an academic transcript and a checklist of skills learned. 

This paper homeschool planner is packed with useful pages that can be used in a variety of ways for up to 5 students. I prefer an already printed and bound homeschool planner to do all my homeschool organizing, and this certainly fits the bill! It can be exhausting to fill in the weekly pages labels, but it is wonderful that it can be customized to personal preferences. I love that this Hey Mama! planner includes encouraging pages and verses throughout because there are a lot of homeschool days that I need that encouragement.

I always start my planning in the summer. It's really important this year as we work through the summer. I need a definite plan. A couple of years ago I gave my Homeschool Scheduling tips. I still follow the same basic pattern for planning. Now that we review for the Crew I do leave more room for flexibility in my plans, and I ALWAYS write in pencil because even the best plans change! If you are new to planning or if you want a basic homeschool planner to outline the bones of 2016-2017, this will be a great planner for you. 

I'm looking forward to spending some serious time with my Hey Mama! planner over the next few weeks to get a solid outline in place for July 2016- June 2017. We work best with a tight framework for each school year, and this planner is helping me get that ready for the new school year. I can carry all my books and plans around in the lovely tote bag I received as a special gift with my planner. Wasn't that a sweet gesture?

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